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Question about Weekend Events

Site is loading... Site is loading... openresty/ Canine Performance Events . Events Main Page. Click the link below for the . respective dog sport events list . Agility (Ag) www.k9cpe.com/agilityevents.htm We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2022.01.23 19:41 PixieTai Question about Weekend Events

How do you keep motivation to unlock everything.
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2022.01.23 19:41 klurble apple pencil interference

so ive noticed my apple pencil going crazy the last couple of weeks drawing random lines, being shaky and skipping. I made another post on here about it and someone mentioned Bluetooth interference, which made sense because it wasn't happening in my seminars where I was away from Bluetooth devices. This comment has made me think about what devices I'm around when I write on my iPad.
HOWEVER, based on the Bluetooth theory, I think I've figured out that its my MacBook pro (2020) that's causing it (or at least 95% of the problems). When the laptop screen is on and I'm writing on my iPad, the pencil goes crazy. I can barely write 3 words without some kind of problem. But when I've been writing with the lid closed or away from the computer, there are almost no problems at all. has anyone else experienced this? Is this even possible?
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2022.01.23 19:41 SnooLemons7107 G‘s frage wer hat den besten toss preis oder kann Klären wäre dankbar 🔥

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2022.01.23 19:41 openmindedskeptic What are your thoughts on the LUX LX?

I want something that can go off-road on light dirt trails and grass. Also something capable of bringing onto a plane. Not sure what the uphill capabilities are on this model though but I do like the tire size.
Is there anything else better out there for the price point? This would be my first “real” electric board purchase vs my old $300 eclectic skateboard.
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2022.01.23 19:41 Slash1444 Pretty cool find during my thrift store hunt….

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2022.01.23 19:41 matheod Charente-Maritime : une « lettre de remontrance » aux directrices d’écoles après un article dans la presse

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2022.01.23 19:41 Puzzleheaded_Link_90 Hitman Reborn's Iemitsu Sawada was actually going to give up the Mafia life

This is my first post on this subreddit bear with me. So I got this idea after re-reading Hitman Reborn recently and started thinking of Iemitsu Sawada Tsuna's father. At first, he seems like an ignorant and happy go lucky guy who does not really care about his family never giving up being in the Mafia for them, leaving them for years and lying to his wife about it. His attitude caused Tsuna to hate him and even others around him wonder why he cannot talk to his son about it. However, I believe that when Tsuna was younger he was going to give it up but something stopped him. When Tsuna and the gang went to the abandoned zoo, Tsuna remember s that he went there with his parents and he was enjoying himself, based on Tsuna's reaction and memory of it, we can infer that Iemitsu at one point stayed with his family for quite a while. However, it sometime after it that he decided to leave doing his years long stay being the head of CEDEF and lying he was an oil worker. With the rainbow arc one of his employees stated why doesn't he spend some time with his family when he was complaining he missed, although half heartedly, he commented that with the number of assassins after him that he couldn't. Iemitsu is shown to be strong but it seems whenever the people he cares about are with him he often lowers his guard and protects them at the cost of himself. That is why he was shot by the double ganger of the 9th whom he thought was the original and when he to a stab to the stomach that was aimed at his wife. I believe d that at some point that an assassin came to target Iemitsu and was so closed to losing his wife and child that it shook him. In the sense that he only rarely ever came home so no one can locate them. It might also explain why he took Tsuna- his son to the 9th to seal his dying will that made him less motivated to do anything, was the only choice to protect him.
Tl:Dr: No-good Tsuna's father neglected them to protect them and did what he did because he had no choice to prevent an attempt from the past to happen again.
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2022.01.23 19:41 NaturalAfternoon7761 How will my “college experience” be at umsl?

i’m an incoming freshman and looking around to make my college decision. i’m really leaning towards umsl, but still not 100% set on anything. i live about 3 hours away so i would be living on campus. i’m just curious how campus life is and how my experience would be.
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2022.01.23 19:41 GhostDog0204 Hey Everyone! Take a second to check out my buddy CAhobby_reviews on YouTube! He’s a cool dude, does reviews and giveaways!

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2022.01.23 19:41 secretnotsacred Decision time

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2022.01.23 19:41 The_Spot First Attempt

Hi all,
I'm starting with a whole pork tenderloin following this method https://charcuteriemaster.com/2017/05/03/beginners-whole-muscle-cure-tenderloin/. I am also using the basic cure from Ruhlman's Charcuterie book. I used Ruhlmans guide on the amount of cure per weight. I'm 6ish days in the fridge right now and am a bit worried that I didn't add enough cure as my total weight was less than a pound. Without consulting my notes I believe I added 13g of cure to the loin. bagged it and have been massaging it in the bag daily. I have a chamber that is set at 14C and 60%RH. I plan on hanging it for a few weeks until the weight is dropped.
Think this is going to work or have I under cured the cut before the hang?
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2022.01.23 19:41 tab_log Joined in on the yellow car bandwagon

I had a relatively long drive ahead today. While I sat in my car I thought of the two success stories I read here on this sub about a yellow pickup truck. I thought it would be funny to see one for myself as well. But, logic kicked in which made me think "well those kind of cars are scarce here, since I don't live in the USA, a yellow car would be an option as well... But when? Hmm... I manifest fast and easily so perhaps on my way back home?" and then forgot about it.
On my way back, 3 minutes away from home, I suddenly realized I was driving behind a bright yellow car! I didn't even think about it after that initial thought (which was about 6 hours before).
I thought: funny how it's just 3 minutes away from home. If I hadn't gotten that hours long delay I might as well not have manifested this car so it's all part of the process. And when I finished that thought it switched lanes to drive another way. One minute later ANOTHER one right ahead of me.
Two! Two regular cars.
So totally a success story - though I wonder what would happen if I can get logic and reason out of the way :).
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2022.01.23 19:41 DiethylMetaToluamide What kind of a missile is this?

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2022.01.23 19:41 Selection-Conscious Merino wool toque/beanie

Hi everyone,
We are a small business that supplies 100% merino wool toque. With winter coming up, everyone can stay warm by wearing our soft, breathable beanie that come in the colours army green, beige and charcoal. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or just going out for a walk on a cold day, our toque will keep you comfortable. If you are interested, please visit our Etsy shop. Link below.
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2022.01.23 19:41 Dull-Corgi4884 Does anyone else do this? Ours are put into either soup, beef, pork, chicken, pasta, or no protein categories and then put in alphabetical order.

Does anyone else do this? Ours are put into either soup, beef, pork, chicken, pasta, or no protein categories and then put in alphabetical order. submitted by Dull-Corgi4884 to hellofresh [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 19:41 tgshi20 anime_irl

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2022.01.23 19:40 Intelligent-Act-6222 Ex (20F) needs time and space to fix herself but says she would reach out in a few months to try again

My ex (20F) and I (20M) dated for 5 years, of which 3 were in person and 2 were long distance. Around 2 months ago, she broke up with me because she wasn't getting the attention she needed through the phone. I flew to visit her around 3 weeks after because I had gotten the ticket before we broke up and once there, she said that she was closed off to us being together again or falling in love with me again. Nevertheless, after around the second week she said that she began warming up again and things started feeling the way that they did before when we were together again.
She said that she started falling in love with me again and one day asked me whether I would let her reach out to me after some time. She kept saying that she wanted to be together with me again but couldn't at the moment because she realized she had a lot of things to fix about herself before she could be in a relationship again and that if that day came the first person she would want to be in a relationship with is me. She said that she would reach out every single day and said that I was the person she wanted to be with forever and that she could never feel the way she feels about me about anyone else. After I left back home, we decided that it would be best to keep in contact occasionally in order to make it easier to get together again and to have a bridge because we both agreed that we wanted each other and that we would get back together again once she figured her stuff out.
Nevertheless, we've been talking every day and the talks we have were identical to the ones we had when we were together. So we agreed that it would be best to go no contact and treat this as a real breakup so that she could figure out the things she needs to figure out with herself. We talked one last time and she kept saying that she would 100% reach out to me when she was ready and that she would want only me and that she was sure of that now, that she would never want anyone the way she wants me and that this was not something she just said in the moment. Is it realistic for me to expect her to actually reach out in a few months time once she's ready again or should I approach this in a different way?
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2022.01.23 19:40 R42ToMoffat Sabrina Carpenter

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2022.01.23 19:40 vr3n Can virus, malware etc, deactivate windows?

Hello my windows was deactivated and i have this error code 0xC004F211 "windows detect hardware change" but i dont change anything, can a virus do something like this?
MSERT found 0 threats
Defender 0
ProcessExplorer showing 1 file in virustotal tab (its samsung driver 1/64 scanners found something and i think its false positive)
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2022.01.23 19:40 OFFICIAL-DON-CHEADLE Crooked mounts and engine looks droopy on one side? Cause for concern?

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2022.01.23 19:40 TheCuriousCaper awww this is so cute

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2022.01.23 19:40 No-Butterscotch-4887 Anybody have any experience sending a damaged card to Panini for replacement?

I pulled an Anthony Edwards base rated rookie out of an optic blaster with a super soft upper corner. The blaster was in slightly rough shape before I ripped it so I'm assuming the packs inside got shaken around a little bit. There were a few other cards with soft corners but the Ant is the only one I care about.
I'm assuming since it's just a base card that it would be an easy replacement but does Panini actually send replacements?
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2022.01.23 19:40 Akabranca Finally a work after months of not doing anything on Blender. I tried focusing on the lighting in this render. Any feedback for improvement?

Finally a work after months of not doing anything on Blender. I tried focusing on the lighting in this render. Any feedback for improvement? submitted by Akabranca to blender [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 19:40 HandSanitizerBottle1 Best weapon in siege ever?

In a gunfight which gun would win (lets just say each operator is 2 speed 2 armor so health isn’t a factor)
Pre nerf Alda (with that busted hipfire and ACOG), ACOG416-C, ACOG MP7 R4C ACOG, 84 damage TCSG, 74 damage no recoil .44 Mag, AK-12 with no recoil, ACOG SMG-11, 1 shot OtS-03 (to give it more of a chance it has the new fire rate), pre nerf scorpion evo (no recoil 28 damage 50 bullets), lower recoil SMG-12 and Bearing 9, ACOG MP5 with 30 damage, pre recoil nerf FO12/SASG (i put the sasg here too) Pick your poison
My money is either on the Alda or .44 Mag
Put any other OP weapons
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