[ English > Chinese ] “Laugh now cry later”

2022.01.23 18:19 FridayPanda [ English > Chinese ] “Laugh now cry later”

Could someone help me translate “laugh now cry later” into Chinese.
Translation apps haven’t done a good job and it usually ends up turning into “bitter before sweet” which is the complete opposite of what I’m trying achieve.
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2022.01.23 18:19 Plastic-Gas-7992 Cold Steel Night Force

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2022.01.23 18:19 Downtown-Fee-4224 I pour the milk first.

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2022.01.23 18:19 CarelessGamr I don't think he is in Silent Hill anymore

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2022.01.23 18:19 YoungCapoon Ramona

Ghost is dead no doubt.
But i think Ramona is gonna be the one to adopt Yasmin following all this shit and she’s gon have her last name doesn’t really matter if she reappears in Tate’s show or Book 2, we’ll probably see her with Ghost’s daughter.
What yall think? They definitely still got plans for her
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2022.01.23 18:19 DirtyKidSid Just went to my first meeting

It was hard but I need to get my life back on track. Going to another meeting tonight. One day at a time. This is my first day truly clean and sober.
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2022.01.23 18:19 javychip_ Sodam clowning on a TGO cheater

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2022.01.23 18:19 WhatUpDoe03 I’m new to crypto so can someone please educate me on this.

How many zeros did shib and saitama lose its first year? And why can’t we do the same or better? I feel like we got a good dev team who’s more active and accurate plus all the potential listings and projects on the way. Is it the amount of holders or the amount of tokens?
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2022.01.23 18:19 knottedapron How to get rid of paint marks from wall on (real) leather couch. Also can i get the rip reupholstered?

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2022.01.23 18:19 Awkwardphase06 Thoughts on tagging Landry?

It seems like Landry may receive a contract north of 17 million a year based off spotracs estimations. Do you think JRob will tag Landry?
Personally I hope he’s tagged, we’ve let some really talented players walk away recently from Conklin, Davis, & Smith.
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2022.01.23 18:19 New_Chipmunk_3068 Steam and Xbox Store compatibility issues?

Is there a way for a pc player from the Xbox store version of the game to join someone from the Steam version? A friend and I tried to get it to work but we never could join with mods. (we both have steam linked to our Xbox game store accounts)
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.23 18:19 Zealousideal-End1118 Rate my music taste!! Is it your type of music or nah?

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2022.01.23 18:19 harlesraye How do I get this guy to see me as more than a sexual object?

So this guy and I matched in tinder. He messaged me and then he must have looked me up on facebook, because he told me we had a mutual friend. So we add each other on there and start talking. We check in with each other every day, and at first he was talking about dating, but then out of nowhere he started talking about sex. Well then I explained I only have sex with people I'm in a relationship with. I asked if he was interested in me romantically or as friends, and he said friends for now because things have to build naturally from there. I said I was ok with that, but he still keeps talking about sex. So I told him thats not gonna happen if we aren't dating. He then made it clear that he had every intention of dating me,and that he just was a very sexual person. Ok whatever. So I kinda started pulling away, because I was depressed about him never asking me how I was and not trying to get to know me and some stuff going on in my life as well. I honestly didn't expect him to reach out, but then he did. He was asking if I was ok. I said I was fine. He calls me and said that he knows when a woman says shes fine, shes really not. So I told him everything that had been going on with my family and everything and he was actually very sweet. He listened. He said he understood and opened up a bit about himself. He said he has built a wall to not get hurt. And we talked for over an hour. So we are both only available on the weekends due to work, and I had figured he would want to see me so I let him know I was free saturday night. He said he had plans with a friend but would let me know if he could see me afterwards. Well he ended up staying out all night. And so this morning we are messaging and he says I can come over and have breakfast with him and sex. I tell him I am busy and remind him that we wont be having sex when we date. Then he tells me he has decided our first date will take place at his home with us ordering food and watching tv. Is this all a bad sign? I am new to the dating scene, and I am honestly confused. He goes from sweet to perverted and I get that hes a guy, but I just don't know if he likes me or just wants sex. Thoughts?
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2022.01.23 18:19 Ra3t4rD I present the you, the jouch

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2022.01.23 18:19 Jubanpock What trains do I take to get to Baruch

I live in W 168th so Washington Heights. I'm not sure which trains I have to take to get to Baruch. Does anyone leave around the area and what trains do you take
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2022.01.23 18:19 FitzChivalry_Fars33r Basketball weightlifting routine advice

so some context. I am a 6ft3 (191 cm) guy with wide shoulders. I weigh 212 pounds (96 kilos). So yeah, I am overweight, but I have a very active sports history. I always played basketball, and the weight came on during the pandemic, when practices stopped. However, I never did any dedicated muscle work, except maybe a few curls and pushups once in a blue moon. But, I would say I am fairly muscular. So what I wanted to ask is, is the following workout overkill for a beginner? How much weight should I work with? I don't really want to ad too much muscle, because I want a lean and muscular build. Keep in mind I also have 4 team practices a week, for 90 minutes a time. Any help is appreciated.
Upper Body
Three minute - Bicep workout
Set a timer for three minutes
3:00-2:00 Hammer curls
2:00-1:00 Normal curls
1:00-0:00 Dumbbell Hold No pause in between

Lower Body
The workout also said to do a UppeLower-core split, each workout 2 times a week
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2022.01.23 18:19 Senpaii-i L aaspiradora reptiliana ls mintió a ls nigos diciendo qj habalba gallego cundo ella lo q habla s castillano, ls niños no pueden engañarse ls niños tienen teories sobre l americana du mi poiso

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2022.01.23 18:19 walterwhites_mom My lil home <3

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2022.01.23 18:19 curiouzzboutit Can yall help me? What would be something really fun to do on a Sunday with 15 and 17 year old?

I was thinking maybe some faster go carts if that is available.
Any other ideas for something that would be really fun during the day?
Carowinds not open yet, also have put put as an option.
Thank you!
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2022.01.23 18:19 _sketcher Progress on new personal storage - tear it all down and build it up - this is the live

This is work in progess and part of my "I got so far, now I'm redoing everything" save.
It's supposed to be a city like atmosphere with an "underground" section for black market exchange and stuff. Somewhere between way to clean above and poor sewage, black market underneath.
Rich up top, poor down under.
We at ficsit will make it happen.
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2022.01.23 18:19 Peyt00n I know its "not a real mustang" but its fun to see them pit different cars against it I have learned a lot from the videos! I am tempted to own one minus the lack of go noise!

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2022.01.23 18:19 the_ddsk I already made half of the 14 suggestions I picked from the other post

But for some reason this sub doesn't allow posting more than one image at once, so I don't know where to post them :p
the post I'm talking about
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2022.01.23 18:19 Jinxamenia Part Time Wheelchair user looking for a little advice

I have nerve damage in my legs and feet, due to a botched surgery. I have no insurance. I was wondering two things. What wheelchair would be a good price for someone without insurance? and does anyone know of a bag for a wheelchair that would make it difficult for the bag to be stolen?
In the next two years or so i will need to use a wheelchair more often, in the past i would rent one when needed. I not too long ago had my bag snatched off of the wheelchair. So i'm trying to find some options before i have to use a wheelchair more often than not.
Thank you for taking time to help me.
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2022.01.23 18:19 SlayerofSnails How do the tyranids use ftl?

Do they have a natural warp drive, their own thing or something else?
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2022.01.23 18:19 Arnadus [CPOOL] Clearpool. Price ↘ -2.55% in 5 minutes

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