pset4 sepia need help I do not know why it is wrong!!

2022.01.23 18:38 psutta pset4 sepia need help I do not know why it is wrong!!
I tried more than one code and it is the same result do not know why

void sepia(int height, int width, RGBTRIPLE image[height][width]) { for (int i = 0; i < height; i++) { for(int j = 0; j < width; j++) { float red = ( (0.393 * image[i][j].rgbtRed) + (0.769 * image[i][j].rgbtGreen) + (0.189 * image[i][j].rgbtBlue) ); float green = ((0.349 * image[i][j].rgbtRed) + (0.686 * image[i][j].rgbtGreen) + (0.168 * image[i][j].rgbtBlue)); float blue = ((0.272 * image[i][j].rgbtRed) + (0.534 * image[i][j].rgbtGreen) + (0.131 * image[i][j].rgbtBlue));
int Red = round(red); int Green = round(green); int Blue = round(blue); if(Red > 255) { image[i][j].rgbtRed = 255; } if(Green > 255) { image[i][j].rgbtGreen = 255; } if(Blue > 255) { image[i][j].rgbtBlue = 255; } image[i][j].rgbtRed = Red; image[i][j].rgbtGreen = Green; image[i][j].rgbtBlue = Blue; } }
return; }
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2022.01.23 18:38 imnotsteven7 Who are your e favorite rappers?

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2022.01.23 18:38 bobbydigital22 This guy.

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2022.01.23 18:38 timan72 F

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2022.01.23 18:38 Old-Interest403 What about the Bringer of Darkness Technique?

What about the Bringer of Darkness Technique?
Hiruzen may have been a lousy Hokage, but he was a very powerful shinobi, he was even nicknamed "The Professor" because he knew so much, and the Bringer of Darkness Technique is an A Rank Genjutsu
Why couldn't Hiruzen break free from that technique? Is there something I'm forgetting or something I'm not seeing? ;)
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2022.01.23 18:38 Stilly74 MSI 1660super X

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2022.01.23 18:38 depressedbuilding Pixel art I made of a duck a while back :]]

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2022.01.23 18:38 fn0000rd I love spending time hunting down 3-star animals, then bringing them back to camp to find that Cripps won't take them.

"We're running low on supplies here," Cripps says to me, as I'm standing there with a 3-star doe and a 3-star Elk skin.
I see reports of this that are over 2 years old, so, uh, thanks once again Roclstar.
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2022.01.23 18:38 Last-Ad3554 Francis wakes up but...

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2022.01.23 18:38 Tridoubleu Footrest for left leg, RAM 2500 (2020)

Good day,
My left leg becomes tired of driving long hours in my RAM 2500, as its usually flat an othe floor as there is no footrest of a sort.
Is there any sort of deadpedal or footrest for left leg that can be installed?
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2022.01.23 18:38 lukaso666 Today's DXing (Southern Poland) 📻 my DX videos on my Telegram:

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2022.01.23 18:38 Beatsbythemg (FREE) Vocal Drill Sample Pack | “AMORE” | Vocal Drill Loop Kit 2022 (Russ Millions Pop Smoke)

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2022.01.23 18:38 GuyCarbonneauGOAT [Winderman] Erik Spoelstra says his two young sons are excited to see LeBron for the first time tonight -- because they'll get to see the star of Space Jam 2.


Erik Spoelstra says his two young sons are excited to see LeBron for the first time tonight -- because they'll get to see the star of Space Jam 2.
Erik Spoelstra on Kendrick Nunn yet to play for the Lakers due to a bone bruise, "It's a bummer. . . . From the human side of it, you hate seeing that."
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2022.01.23 18:38 broke_wagon Ground rods bonded to system only through metal breaker box. Is it wrong? How to fix?
Tidying up a lot of small things on this house we bought. Previous owner put some work into it before selling but there are plenty of things left to fix. This is one, I think.
Anyway, here's our service panel. A separated main breaker in its own enclosure, with a big sub panel across the room for all the branch circuits.
We've got typical 240V 200A service entering the top of this enclosure from the meter outside, and four conductors exiting to feed the sub panel. You can see the service neutral, the gray neutral feed for the sub panel, and the smaller bare ground for the panel. Looks like they are bonded by that triple lug on the right of the breaker.
Now, the copper ground conductors in the other picture. They go off to two ground rods and a water pipe. But they're only bonded to the system by the lug block that's bolted to the boxes. That's not good enough, is it? Grounding through the metal enclosure isn't code compliant, is it?
Assuming I understand that correctly, how would you recommend properly bonding the copper ground wires to the service lugs? I'm fairly sure I shouldn't double tap any lugs, so is is there some crimp-on or bolt-on solution? What's typical/standard here?
2011 NEC, Kansas, USA.
Thanks very much in advance!
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2022.01.23 18:38 MagzalaAstrallis Toilets That Don't Flush Properly (This Post Contains TMI About Toilets, Do Not Read If You Are Grossed Out)

I know this post is super, super gross and yucky, but I hate, hate, HATE toilets which don't flush properly when you've dropped your load...
My roommate used the toilet this evening to do her business, and when I went to use it, the toilet hadn't flushed her business down... I could clearly see that my roommate hadn't overused toilet paper, so it wasn't that the blocked the toilet, she had literally dropped a load that was either too big or too heavy to flush and it's now blocked our toilet and won't flush -.-
Toilets are literally made for ONE PURPOSE... And that's to go for a number 1 and a number 2... Therefore, number 2's shouldnt block the loo, because that's literally what the toilet is made for!!
I can understand it getting blocked because too much loo roll or wipes have been used or because you've flushed something that was non flushable, but a toilet should have the ability to discard bodily waste and getting blocked by something that it's literally made for, is just so stupid and annoying... And this is not the first time it has happened either!!
We're left with dealing with it ourselves too because there's no way on God's Earth, I would call out a plumber because our toilet got blocked by a crap that was too big, how embarrassing would that be, getting a stranger to have to take out your crap or break it down and push it out somehow...
This kept happening a lot in our flat, my roommate was using the toilet, and everything would get flushed down, but when I went to use the toilet, just to pee, once id flush, the water would overflow and fill the toilet rather than flushing down, and I knew it wasn't me blocking the toilet because I don't use a lot of loo roll... At first, I thought my roommate was using way too much loo roll or too many wipes, or they were flushing something down there that they weren't supposed to, and they ensured me that they hadn't used too much paper and hadn't flushed anything wrong down there, but still, I told them they had to reduce their papewipe usage and to ONLY use the toilet for papewipes, wee and poop... But still, it kept happening, over and over again, everytime they were going for a number 2 it was overflowing, it was flushing everything, but obviously getting jammed further down or something...
Then one day, it happened again, but everything flushed down except the waste, and low and behold, I realised that the toilet was literally incapable of flushing bodily waste... What's even more confusing, is that the toilet had flushed down the toilet paper and wipes but left the waste, which made no sense to me...
How can a toilet be so useless at doing what it's supposed to? Is there a limit to how much you're supposed to crap in it? The fact that I have used tons of toilet paper and wipes, even put things in the toilet that I wasn't supposed to, and it was able to flush these things down better than it could flush down number 2's is even more ridiculous.... I've used piles and piles of toilet paper and wipes that were bigger than my friends "business" and it flushed just fine, but for some reason, our toilet has something against my friends crap 😂😂
How can I toilet be so inferior at doing what it's made for ... Surely a toilet should have the capacity to be able to flush big, heavy loads? As you cannot expect all humans to crap like rabbits, so the mass of a load should be taken into consideration when making a toilet, right? You shouldn't have to flush, mid shit, to stop your toilet from blocking...
I've experienced this happening multiple times throughout my life .. I know it's a weird thing to notice, experience and talk about, but having our problem today just made me feel so annoyed about the fact that this happens and it makes no sense ... And it's so shitty (no pun intended) to have a limit on loads and put people in the position of either unblocking their own waste, or going through the embarrassment of having to get a plumber to do it for you ..
Why the HELL do toilets have a limit on how much you can poop in them 😂 what a stupid thing to make a toilet do... Who thought it was a good idea to make toilets so that they can only flush rabbit sized poops?
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2022.01.23 18:38 FishForsaken1970 Two birth times. Which is correct?

Hi there!
So my birth time was somehow recorded as both 11:04 am and 12:04 pm. I assume there’s a time zone error in there, but I’m not sure which one to go by?
In addition to different aspects and houses in the times, my ascendent would be different. Of the two, I 90-95% relate to one over the other, BUT I’m still an intermediate level at astrology. My preference is based mostly on the ascendent difference.
I’m hoping someone can provide better insight and an objective perspective to help me determine which time is accurate. What differences do you see in these charts? Is there anything different enough to make a major difference? What do you see as most important elements?
I’d really appreciate any help identifying differences to get an accurate birth time. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
Side note: I prefer whole signs and have found great value in asteroids (Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres — are there others I should heed?) but am open to new perspectives.
Thanks for any guidance and help :)
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2022.01.23 18:38 Worth_Leadership_781 Danny granger ??

I’m about to finish unlimited and get Danny, has anyone tried him out how is he??
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2022.01.23 18:38 ConfusedSnowMan Cursed Traveler, art by me

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2022.01.23 18:38 Amariih1 4 month loc journey progress

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2022.01.23 18:38 lunaaquaphine Thought I’d share my bad luck, the anemo archon cursed me

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2022.01.23 18:38 AbundantKarma What a little dooooode 🥺😍

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2022.01.23 18:38 CutePand Climbing

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2022.01.23 18:38 gabbythegoodwitch Bailey’s side project DEAD TOOTH 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2022.01.23 18:38 STRiK3R237 Can anyone tell us what are these, i found them this morning and they intrigued me.

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