I am thinking of selling my robow so I could buy a Oculus quest 2

2022.01.23 18:07 WOLFLINK_IS_PRO I am thinking of selling my robow so I could buy a Oculus quest 2

So I have a loose mint condition robow that is fully upgraded because I used him like once full upgrade him and then never play with t Him again in from when I'm finding most people are selling him for $400 or $360 I was thinking of selling it for 340 plus shipping would that be a good price or that way too much it's mint condition but it's out of the box fully upgraded
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2022.01.23 18:07 49ermagic Freezer heating element burning a hole??

I tried to fix some noise and defrost the ice on the coils and I felt like the heating element was really close to the bottom of the freezer. One day later, there’s a hole!! What can I do?
Here’s a pic from yesterday. There’s no burn mark and it shows the left of the heating element is a good distance away from the floor but the right side keep drooping: https://postimg.cc/1nx3Y1wm
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2022.01.23 18:07 Tedel Access error on KeePassXC

I am getting "Access error for config file /usbin/config/keepassxc.ini" every time I open the software. Besides that, and the fact I cannot save any preferences, everything works as it should.
Can anyone reproduce? Does anyone know a workaround? It is a minor issue, I know, but it is recurring for me.
Thanks a lot!
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2022.01.23 18:07 roastedweeeenies I still like him

Reconnected with an old crush last week and i can’t stop thinking about him. I texted him weeks ago to say hi and we went out to just talk and catch up last week, since it’s been 2 years since we last seen each other.
3 years ago, i admitted that i liked him and we went out on a date. When i told him I liked him, he said he has liked me since freshman year of high school. We went out and things were kinda weird since we were originally friends, and i guess both of us mutually agreed it was not going to work out so we suddenly stopped talking to each other. Things just ended weird between us. We both liked each other but the relationship did not work out.
We are both 21 now and we had a great time last week catching up. He mentioned his girlfriend mid-conversation and my heart just dropped. I was so sad but happy for him. I’m our convo, he would mention little things about me that i had forgotten I’ve told him. What was crazy to me was that he even remembered my Halloween costume from freshman year of high school. I was over my crush on him, but my feelings for him instantly came back.
How do I move on from him?
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2022.01.23 18:07 Neastraz Malum işten sonra çavuşun hali

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2022.01.23 18:07 lonelygalemusic Post Progressive Live Session on the Polish Błędowska Desert

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2022.01.23 18:07 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Three Australian aid flights arrive in Tonga ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.23 18:07 Slurrricane-Eastwood Hurricane Season 3 by Hurricane Eastwood 🏁

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2022.01.23 18:07 philchern I want to share my beautiful backyard footage. My biggest problem with drones is that I shoot much faster than I can edit.

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2022.01.23 18:07 johnslegers Three Days Grace - So Called Life

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2022.01.23 18:07 thebonoboking Hard N Low - The Contender

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2022.01.23 18:07 MordredPend Is every mystery in detective conan unique ?

I don't watch this anime. I used to when I was 10 but not anymore. I just saw that it already has more than 1000 episodes so I wondered if the author reuses old mysteries (or tweaks them in some way) to make a somehow different new mystery or are they all unique ? Side note : "damn this guy doesn't know when to stop"
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2022.01.23 18:07 cubanoxx19 Could a woman use junior skis is they fit the size requirements?

My gf is very small (5’0, 105lbs) and I’m having trouble finding a pair of women’s skis small enough and actually in stock somewhere, could she use a pair of junior skis at this size? She is also a beginner and only skied one time, thanks for the help guys!
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2022.01.23 18:07 awryvillas Please help with the answer

Can someone please help with https://pastebin.com/kbunP2Nz ?
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2022.01.23 18:07 mrgood_katt Imperial white coffee stout | Burns Family

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2022.01.23 18:07 brianlafave I drew Ellie

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2022.01.23 18:07 Raubueno Thinking about moving here

My woman is being offered a pharmacy job with great benefits to here or eau claire. What's there to do? I'm a sports guy, I like semi pro like the baseball summer leagues or something like that. Love football, rugby, soccer even. Basketball is fine. We have a 2 year old so parks and kid friendly shit would be important. We like going to movies or a nice mall. Im a woodworker so a menards or home depot nearby would be great. I don't mind farm and fleet, rockler (a specialty woodworking store), kohl's and target for clothes and food. Any suggestions? How's the housing out there?
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2022.01.23 18:07 Remarkable_Usual_480 Horny milf. Always Free to subscribe 😋 cum hangout with me. I’m online right now. Would love to sext, make a custom or rate you. Tippers get attention first. Link in comments

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2022.01.23 18:07 ArtOfShadowMyths Struggle, Me, Oil Painting, 2021

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2022.01.23 18:07 newsungirl My kids are infrequent players, but will send gifts when they have a chance to get online. They need pokeballs please!!

7860 5174 8775 or 1138 0465 7386
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2022.01.23 18:07 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 231

Not Exactly Hidden

Jeth dances back from his sister’s grab with a grin on his face. She scowls and makes for another attempt to get his training sword.
Unfortunately, while she easily has a hundred pounds and two feet in height on him, it’s also taken away her flexibility. That’s the problem when you slowly mould your body to being the biggest and strongest you can manage, you don’t end up very quick.
Her twin Min’Urla pushes in to help Mina’Urla but two oversized and clumsy sisters grabbing at Jeth doesn’t make things any easier for them.
“Should we be worried?” Their mother asks Dale who shrugs.
“We’ll step in if things get out of hand, but a little roughhousing teaches competition and encourages self improvement. It’s a good thing at this stage.” Dale remarks as he watches nearby.
“I see.” Kuor’Urla remarks somewhat wryly.
“He’s doing fine.” Dale assures her as the twins are joint by Viti’Urla and she tries to tackle the increasingly slippery Jeth’Urla and trips her sisters by accident. Prompting Jeth to burst into laughter at the sight of all three of them tangled up together in a heap.
“Get him!” Viti shouts and Jeth dashes off.
“Play nice!” Kuor’Urla shouts after them as they rush deeper into the park.
“So now that we have some distance from the kiddies is there anything you’d like to ask?”
“Has he been eating well? I understand that you humans are not only omnivores but borderline poison immune.”
“Mostly he’s been eating local game that have been caught, butchered and cooked that same day. We’ve made a point of ensuring that carnivores get all the meat they need and those who need more plants in their diets get what they need as well. The only vegetation he’s taken in have been used as slight flavourings at the recommendation of Brin’Char a sorcerer who wants to add the skills taught at our village to his own abilities.”
“Brin’Char, Brin’Char... that name is very familiar.”
“He’s a businessman who owns a courier company and is known to be a shrewd investor. He’s also been entrusted with some governmental responsibilities and has run security on several Broken Shell Tournaments, including the one where my fellow Undaunted Vernon Shay burst onto the Apuk awareness as a whole.”
“I don’t know, hearing that a princess and her husband missed an entire Tournament because they were too busy with each other for an entire week straight was passed around almost as widely as Vernon’s participation.” Kuor’Urla says with a sense of deep longing.
“Yea, it’s hard not to be jealous of those two lunatics. It’s like they’re in a competition for who can be the most over the top in love with the other and no one has told either of them to stop.”
“But do you want them to? It’s so sweet!”
“Maybe, but the fucker’s unbearable to be around when his mind goes onto his wife. I mean sure the dude’s still an absolute nightmare to fight with Axiom and is obsessed with learning more and more refined tricks, but get his wife around him and the only thing out of his mouth are sweet nothings.”
“We should all be so lucky.” Kuor sighs at the thought.
“It’s annoying.” Dale remarks. “I mean yea, it’s funny in short bursts but there’s no damn off switch.”
“Oh you’re just jealous.”
“And you’re projecting.” Dale counters and she gives him a hard look before looking away. Dale gins. He got her on the nose with that one.
“Yea...” She says and Dale shrugs. “You don’t want to hear about it?”
“I’m not your therapist.” Dale remarks. “Let’s be fair here, you’re a grown woman. You have the means and the maturity to sort your own messes out. Hopefully also the wisdom to seek help when you need it and not expect it to just fall into your lap.”
“Is this how you plan on helping my son when he needs it?”
“No, we plan on and have worked him through his problems while giving him the tools to deal with it himself. The greatest aid you can give someone is the power to solve their own issues, the tools and means to stand strong themselves.”
“I see.”
“Onto another topic, less awkward I hope, where are Jeth’s other siblings? From the way he spoke I assumed that there would be a small army waiting to jump on him.”
“Most of them are in higher education and schooling. I had these four before undergoing a healing coma, so I had a smaller clutch than normal.”
“Oh right... sorry, you carry yourselves like Apuk. When an Apuk maiden is young she can give birth to large clutches, anywhere from six to a dozen eggs. If she sticks closer to a more advanced age her body produces less eggs at once so there are simply two to six instead. Much later than that and an Apuk is infertile and is well past the time she should have undergone a healing coma.”
“Understood.” Dale remarks as he slots the mildly interesting but ultimately useless information away in his trivia category. “So his other siblings are old enough developmental wise to effectively be more akin to aunts or more distant relations?”
“Yes, I’ve raised many children but Jeth is my first and only son and I was so terrified I would do something wrong. Then I went and burnt it up anyways.”
“Ma’am it would be a harder story to believe if there weren’t mistakes involved.”
“I’ve had dozens of daughters, I should have been able to do well by one son.”
“No plan survives first contact with the enemy, and when you’re making plans for the future all of reality and time are the enemy. If you know how to beat foes of that caliber then I really need to hear it, because I have no idea.” Dale says grinning and Kuor actually giggles at the idea. Then takes on a haunted look. That’s not the look of a young civilian. That’s the look of an old one, a very old one with a life full of tragedy and loss.
How the hell does a human man in his early thirties keep up with a galaxy of ancient magic women? How does he help people that are older than his grandma’s grandma and look young enough to fail the half plus eight rule?
He knows he’ll get used to it eventually but sometimes the freaking weirdness of this all hits him square in the forehead like a brick out of the sky.
“Is something wrong?” Kuor asks looking right at him.
“Not really.”
“Alright... the Axiom presence of you humans is always so calm that no one can tell what you’re thinking. But you looked really confused.”
“Just contemplating things. Nothing of import ma’am.”
“Then let’s move onto something that is, what are you planning to...” Kuor trails off as there’s a strange twist in the Axiom near where the children ran to.
Dale breaks out into a dead sprint, already reaching into his coat for his shotgun. It’s a big, ugly, simple double barrelled monster that he had persistently modified with Axiom drawn through his own body until it functionally registered as part of him as far as most beings could tell.
He blurs into the clearing to find the girls out cold and some strange Apuk woman picking up the equally unconscious Jeth. She looks up in shock and pulls out a knife as the shotgun comes up. The knife goes towards Jeth’s throat, presumably to threaten him, but the shotgun slugs are faster and the abductor’s head is reduced to a Rorschach test on a cratered tree.
He cracks the shotgun open over his arm and then replaces the shells in a single movement. Pocketing the spent shells he steps into the small clearing with his head on a swivel to look for more threats.
“Get down and stay down, the abductor might not have been acting alone.” He orders Kuor’Urla the moment she gets into range and he hears something nearby. Something deliberately veiling its Axiom Presence. Which would work for a standard soldier off The Dauntless, but a Sorcerer? On Serbow? The Dark Forest may be the seat of his power, but all plants whisper secrets. All plants are eager to play.
“Grab them.” He orders and the vegetation around him complies. There are screams of terror as the other abductors are suddenly seized by the nearby vegetation. He flows power into the turf around him and alters it to be more akin to The Wood.
There’s blasts of fire and someone tries running but Dale stomps and craters the ground beneath them. Roots shift the stone and trap the criminal within. Now the fool’s in an unlit kiln, just waiting for them to be stupid enough to ignite it.
Kuor’Urla has proven to have a good head on her shoulders for emergency moments and has gathered up all of her children near her with her own body as a shield over them. She’s low to the ground and backed up against a tree to use as cover.
Dale pours more and more of The Wood’s specific power into this little patch of previously normal forest. The trees around him grow stronger and darker in colour as the light slowly fades away as the leaves above start blocking out more and more light.
“You... the dark wood...” Kuor’Urla gasps out as the lights fade away. There are screams in the darkness as three more Apuk are dragged by roots until they’re buried up to their shoulders right next to the decapitated body of their fellow abductor.
“Marga!” One of them shouts and Dale crouches down to their level.
“She put a knife to the neck of a trainee sorcerer. One under my protection. Bad move.” Dale says looking down on them.
“We didn’t do anything!”
“Then why were you hiding when you heard the gunshot? Why didn’t you come looking at the sound of the enormous bang?” Dale asks with narrowed eyes.
“We...” One of the three begins and Dale plunges his hand into the ground. He pulls out a crystal and holds it out to them. It begins to glow and a chiming sound comes from it. Then it begins to speak.
“Hey! Hey girls we’ve got a huge payday!” The voice of the now deceased abductor says.
“What really?” The one that called out for Marga’s voice asks.
“Yea! Some stupid woman’s trying so hard to woo a Tret that she’s taken her eyes off her son. We’ve got a chance for a major payday with the Orega Girls! We just need to grab the little idiot and we’re in!” Marga’s voice remarks and Dale takes a deep breath as the stone stops glowing.
“Miss Urla, have you heard of the Orega Girls?”
“A roaming gang. They have no set base of operations and are known to smuggle everything from drugs to people.” Kuor mutters holding her daughters closer. Jeth may have been in the most danger but there was no way her daughters weren’t in trouble.
“So you’re saying we may have an in on this group?” Dale asks with a vicious grin. The light from above darkens further and further and the forest starts to groan. This little patch of public park is becoming a speck of The Wood, an extension of its reach in the middle of an otherwise mundane forest.
“Up... need up there’s... Danger!” Jeth mumbles before sitting bolt upright. “Who was... the forest... it was talking and oh my goddess she’s dead!”
“Calm down kiddo, I’ve got this.” Dale says before reaching to the tree above him that reaches down with a branch. His voice then echoes out from the plant life all around them.
“Shinobi, to me.” Is heard by everyone present and dozens of dark shapes drop down from above before righting themselves. “Brothers, these three and the corpse tried to kidnap one of our own to sell. My priority is to keep the Urla’s safe. You know what to do.”
“We’ll be taking them to containment.” Someone says and they vanish with the still living and the dead abductors.
“I’ll be speaking with our enchanted brother. See if he can’t get an audience to confirm exactly how much authority we have in this form of situation.” Koga says as he adjusts his glasses and then vanishes as well.
“What was that?” Kuor’Urla asks as the light slowly begins to return to the area as the presense of the wood seems to go to sleep and the forest becomes considerably less supernatural in nature.
“Sorcery dear woman, sorcery, it’s what your son is learning with us.”
“I heard that! Not just out of the plants but in my head too.” Jeth says in surprise, thankfully he seems to have brushed aside seeing Marga’s dead body for now. Good, that’ll give his subconscious more time to chew at it without causing him outright distress.
“Good, that means you’re getting better at listening. That’s important.”
“What is that thing you’re holding?” Kuor asks as she shakes her daughters to try and wake them.
“Double barrelled shotgun. Customized for resilience beyond what it would normally have, which is already fairly high. I was taught how to hunt with a gun like this. So I’m a fairly good shot, but not quite sniper level.”
“It sounds like thunder.” She notes somewhat in shock now that the danger is passed and she’s no longer in ‘do or die’ mode.
“Yea, it’s a kinetic weapon. It uses a controlled explosive to launch a chunk of metal at high enough speeds to penetrate all but the most hardened targets. Works great on larger animals if you know where to aim.” Dale explains his tone calm and even in order to keep things calm. Last thing he needs is to deal with someone panicking.
“Can I learn that?”
“Some basic shooting is fine, actually giving you a gun is something we’ll wait for until you’ve got a handle on the boiling mess that is teenage hormones, and you still have a while before that even starts.”
“Uh... mom? What happened? We were just running and all of a sudden... are the trees different?” Viti’Urla asks and Kuor’Urla winces.
“Dale killed a kidnapper!” Jeth exclaims and Dale blinks both physically and mentally. Okay, little guy’s bouncing back so well that he’s damn near attaining flight. That’s good, now hopefully his sisters do too.
First Last
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2022.01.23 18:07 Aythan-_- started playing tecmo super bowl yesterday and I'm hooked. I'm 16 and i wish this is what I grew up with. only bad thing is I can't save my game on this website 😂

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2022.01.23 18:07 mcoua Why am I nice to strangers but not to my family?

Naturally I’m a very straightforward person-thoughts/actions/opinions/schedules etc. I’m a “get straight to the point” person. With my fam, I tend to get irritated when people beat around the bush trying to ask a question/ just taking too much time/asking obvious questions. It’s one of those things where my tone of voice comes off rude sometimes tho I try to be aware of it as much as possible. I’ve realized that the way I talk/tone of voice to my family is pretty rude but it’s also the way I just..talk. But when it comes to strangers and small talk, all those little things I get irritated by-just doesn’t happen to me or bother me.
I realized it myself & started to question it. Why do I allow myself to be like that? I know it’s wrong and trying to fix it but every time I fall back in. I don’t feel fake when conversating w strangers.
Advice? & What are some questions I should be asking myself to become a better person?
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2022.01.23 18:07 Unlucky-Caregiver-16 Dendy Jordan's are Fake

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2022.01.23 18:07 haberveriyo Over 20 terracotta warriors have been discovered in the Terracotta Army pit in China

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