What happened to the the Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist?

2021.11.28 05:05 Lazarus704 What happened to the the Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist?

I’m sorry if this was asked already but I remember there used to be a dirty bomb game mode but I can’t seem to find it? I know it wasn’t the most popular but not enough to remove it completely. I was hoping to play it lol
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2021.11.28 05:05 Downtown_Ad_3212 Cant sign into gamejolt FM 1

I cannot sign into gamejolt in fm 1 it worked fine for CC but not for this one idk if its just an issue with the game or an issue i only have, help would be appreciated
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2021.11.28 05:05 AnalysisOk8516 a witch?

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2021.11.28 05:05 roehe Soldado do Exército dos EUA fala Sobre Missões Secretas para Ganimedes e a Lua

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2021.11.28 05:05 bulletsmightworkjon And now a dramatic reenactment of the times

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2021.11.28 05:05 police06 unable to activate

removed setup app on iphone 8 ios 14.7.1 with f3arra1n meid no signal option and put passcode on it. then the battery died and the phone now is unable to activate and i cant jailbreak because of the passcode. is there any solution? help me please
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2021.11.28 05:05 Awkward_Wrap411 天知る地知る我知る人知る

意味 悪事は必ず露見するものだ
今風にいえば 天知る地知る我知る人知るキャッシュ知るWeb魚拓知るまとめサイト知る
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2021.11.28 05:05 Streamerbtw2245 There’s always hope

For the past 2 months I have really been struggling. I’m a sophomore high school golfer and am a 10 handicap. Lately, I’ve been playing like a 20+ handicap. Well today I go out on the course to play a round and demo a driver. I go to the range and absolutely smash drives. I go on the fist hole get on the green in three and three putt. Next hole is a triple. Already 5 over through two. Well from there I just played like I didn’t care and ended up with a 5 over on the front. After that the par and birdie streak continued with flushed approaches until the 13th hole. I doubled 14, tripled a par 3 but kept my head in it and shot another 5 over. I ended up with my best ever score of an 82 today despite my horrible start. Never give up guys, any day can be yours.
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2021.11.28 05:05 Tj_ryan_reddit r.i.p my half cabs i did get these today

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2021.11.28 05:05 mangusprime2 Bettering Myself As A Partner

So recently (past week or so), me and my girlfriend have been discussing how we can strengthen our relationship, which I am ecstatic about because all I want is to have a kickass relationship with her. However, she’s told me a bunch of stuff that makes me feel really guilty and ashamed. For example, she has a lot of mental health problems, and whenever she opens up to me I have a bad habit of giving her unsolicited advice without noticing. She said she wants me to just listen instead of giving her advice, which I completely understand and will strive to do in the future. But, I don’t fully understand what she means by just listening. So if anyone has any suggestions as to what that could mean, please leave them in the comments. She has also told me that it makes her upset and nervous when I stop texting her for a few hours without telling her where I’m going, so I will now start letting her know where I’m going and how long I’ll be away. I then promised her I’d do all those things, but then she told me that she doesn’t think I’ll follow through with my promises. She said that I’ve promised to change some things before and I haven’t, which looking back, I can see a lot. That has to be one of if not the worst of my traits; I don’t change when I say I will, and I don’t think through what I’m saying or doing. She then proceeded to tell me that because of my lack of following through with my promises, I’ve begun to lose her trust and she said it creates tension. Because of that, I feel absolutely awful. I feel guilty, ashamed, anxious/nervous, and stressed. I know I can channel all of that into motivation to change, though. So my big question(s) is: How can I help regain the trust that she’s lost, how can I ease some of the tension I’ve created, and how I should go about taking the things she’s told me and applying them to our relationship.
Any advice is incredibly appreciated, sorry for the long post, and sorry for an grammatical errors as it is 3 in the morning.
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2021.11.28 05:05 awannaLicv6 $9023+ IN FREE $ MEGA LIST: Webull, M1, Public, Abra, Nexo, SoFiMoney/Invest/Loans, Gemini, Voyager, BlockFi, Coinlist, Cake, Chase, Porte, Aspiration, Stash, Chime, OKCoin, Moomoo, Root, Visible, Robinhood, Acorns, Chase Freedom, DiscoverIT, SkyOne, Coinbase, Personal Capital, Crypto.com, etc!

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2021.11.28 05:05 dr-yeet69 T.H.I.N.K Mark T.H.I.N.K

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2021.11.28 05:05 TartairianDreams The trial is unbearable

This is like my 20th try and I can do well if I make it out the gate without being rammed. Why is the AI shoving me out of the flags? Wtf is this….
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2021.11.28 05:05 ezraterner Asikon | instagram: asikon.america | 3 photo

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2021.11.28 05:05 themoorofvenice 39 arrested over job, phishing scams involving more than S$20 million

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2021.11.28 05:05 CaveDeco PSA: when your cat suddenly starts playing the “floor is lava” game.

They likely have fleas that they are associating the floor with, since that’s where eggs can accumulate and hatch. Don’t look for dog level of scratching, although some extra scratching can happen. It’s entirely possible that you probably won’t see them scratching much more than normal,
Normal box-cat-traps are not included here. Your looking for out of the ordinary avoiding the floor for too long. This can also include avoiding any beds you have out for them.
If your cat usually hangs out around your feet while cooking dinner, or sleeps in a bed, and they suddenly are trying to be on top of counters/cabinets/dressers/chairs etc places they don’t normally go, then check/treat them for fleas!
Even if they are indoor only. YOU can be the vector bringing them in!
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2021.11.28 05:05 CaptainHiggs Waystones activate for all on server?

If one player activates two waystones, is that active for all players on the server or do they need to get there themselves to actovate the stones?
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2021.11.28 05:05 Prudent-Reporter4211 Boiled potato - what am I doing wrong?

I am constantly getting problems with my boiled potato dishes.
I put in 1l of water (via the tap) - quite precicely 20g of salt 2 potato
I am constantly getting messages saying not enough or too little salt - where am I going wrong here? I'd like to cook multiple batches of this but until I can work out where I'm going amiss there doesnt seem to be much point.
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2021.11.28 05:05 RinaChoice 10 Beginner HIIT Exercises | No Equipment & At Home

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2021.11.28 05:05 cdmaster245 Just bought an outfit with quarks, but can't use it on secondary characters?

I bought 3 drowned styles from Booster Gold, but my other characters can't wear the outfit. Last month I got the dark knight speedster outfit and I can put it on my other characters without issues. I thought all styles purchased with quarks could be worn by any character?
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2021.11.28 05:05 Chattype How serious is Omicron the new Covid Varient ?

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2021.11.28 05:05 ThePayneTrain His tail was misbehaving

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2021.11.28 05:05 AntiqueSpare794 The true worst winner.

This is being made for the fact that the Hell’s Kitchen wiki discord server seemingly can’t go a day without ripping into Michelle. It’s time to settle this. Who does everyone believe is the show’s worst winner in terms of cooking skill and leadership?
View Poll
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2021.11.28 05:05 StinkyMonke420 Thanks to u/DbD_Addict for this template

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2021.11.28 05:05 CrabbyUnderARock Nishizumi Style of Cuteness Day 639 - the Chihatan life

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