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Yesterday my ex called me

Be merciful to me, O LORD, for I am frail; heal me, O LORD, for my bones are in agony. Psalm 88:13 But to You, O LORD, I cry for help; in the morning my prayer comes before You. Psalm 103:3 He who forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases, Psalm 107:20 Official website of author and illustrator Lauren Child. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. When you choose to verify your identity using your driver's license or state ID, your screen will look like the one below. You can choose to Take photo with your phone or Upload photo from your computer.. In our example, we will choose Take photo with your phone.. 1. ChangeFormColor(Me) My. The My feature provides easy and intuitive access to a number of .NET Framework classes, enabling the Visual Basic user to interact with the computer, application, settings, resources, and so on. MyBase. The MyBase keyword behaves like an object variable referring to the base class of the current instance of a class. Contact me Contact me. Download my paper Download my paper. Professional domains. Add a secure, custon domain to your page. Or, map one you already own. Spotlight button. Make it easy for your audience to take action on what is most important to you. One link for everything you do. My first love called me a vacation, in a poetic way. In my lover’s declaration — “You’re a personified vacation, I never want to leave” — lay our demise. Because you don’t want to ... Who Represents Me provides information about current districts and members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, the Texas delegation to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and the State Board of Education. You will land on the Overview tab of your ID.me My Account page pictured below: From here, it's easy to manage your account, either from the tiles on the Overview, or by clicking the tabs at the top. In the Profile tab, you can add a photo to your account, and see any City, State, and ZIP Code information you may have provided. You can also add ... Me, My Family and Friends : Home : Early childhood education ideas, activities and lesson plans that promote young children's self-esteem and self-identity. This preschool education theme encourages self-awareness and enhances learning about family. At the beginning of a child's preschool experience these activities help ease separation anxiety ...

2021.10.18 16:46 Ranae Yesterday my ex called me

He said it was for my benefit, so he could answer any questions about why he chose to cheat on me, but it did nothing but hurt me. For 2 years I loved him and would have done anything for him. He told me he would have told me about cheating on me eventually but I found out myself first. Today I have an appointment to be tested for STDs.
I am trying to stay upbeat. Today I blocked him. I deleted his #, and erased all of our text messages. I want to delete our pictures but I'm not there yet. I unfriended anyone I knew through him from social media.
One day I will meet someone who actually wants to be with me, that's what I keep telling myself. I don't think being faithful is hard, I didn't have any issues not sleeping with anyone else, am I being naive? Is this something that will keep happening to me? I hate myself for not knowing but I hate him more for wasting 2 years of my life and leaving me in this place where I'm just sad all the time.
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2021.10.18 16:46 literally1857plus127 누난 너무 예뻐

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2021.10.18 16:46 KarmaGuardPirate It's that time...

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2021.10.18 16:46 opmihc7 Have Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland left the band?

Just wondering because I barely heard Jonny on this last ‘album’ and didn’t hear too much more of Jonny.
I confess to being a diehard fan of Oldplay - Parachutes an all time favourite of mine, with X&Y and AROBTTH close behind. While I understand Martins recent comments that the band can’t and won’t just release the same sound, and that I’m free to listen to it on Spotify whenever I please, this excuse and reasoning does not align with what is their most boring, commercial album yet. It’s not new or experimental music - it’s the bastard child of AHFOD and MX with the synth and effects dialled up to 10.
It’s laughable how marketable they’ve tried to make this disasterpiece. ❤️ (emoji titles - I say no more) has the lyrical depth of yours truly penning a song with the 3 guitar chords I know, talking about what boys and girls do. Followed right up next with a bizarre Muse circa 2006 ‘anthem’ about free love. This is perhaps the one group Coldplay may possibly offend with this all-encompassing album - will the hardcore Christians tolerate the spite of God in the first verse? I also ponder if this was their way of sneaking Buckland into the album, as from here we do not hear him til the finale. It’s not the worst part of the album by a stretch, but it’s no great highlight.
There’s album lowlight My Universe (at least it gets the introduction it deserves through 🌍) with the addition of BTS, seemingly to ensure this album cracks the Asian market. One of the more annoying songs I’ve ever heard, I’m only glad I’ve passed through the year 4 disco phase of my life as I can just see this (and Higher Power) being staples of these sorts of events for years again. Inoffensive, simple, slightly catchy - horrific.
At first scroll through the song list I thought ‘Biutyful’ was a war crime purely off its spelling, and just 20 seconds in my thoughts are justified with the horrific high pitch screaming voice ready made for annoying Instagram stories from people I swear to unfollow (but masochistically refuse to) while they wonder along the beach on a sunny day. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who saw the irony in Martin advocating for fresh music and sounds while singing the lyrics ‘when you love me, love me, love me’ - never heard that anywhere before have we?!
I didn’t love Higher Power when it came out but it’s made to look like Karma Police with the rubbish it’s surrounded by. Befitting of their emoji titles, all of the interludes are jarring and merely serve to lengthen what is already a painful listen. Let Somebody Go sounds like Martin trying to recall Everglow after 47 schooners and a shot of petrol, with Selena Gomez tacked in to capture the crucial Wizards of Waverley Place market. ♾ is an intriguing track, ruined by the ‘ole ole ole’ and relentless club beat. It’s overproduction at its finest.
And then there’s Coloratura. In the context of the album, it’s the biggest disappointment of the lot. A 10 minute epic that truly explores other genres, that pushes the boundaries, that does something different, that works. The biggest disappointment? It shows deep down that Coldplay still have the ability to make terrific music - the music of their first 3 albums, from all those years ago, which made me fall in love with the band in the first place, that made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel, made me think.
Perhaps I’m just a bitter, jaded old man who likes what he likes, but for all the talk of experimenting and pushing the boundaries, each song from Music of the Spheres has been done before; Coloratura aside, it’s mainstream commercial pop to the core, with lyrics that could feasibly have come from an online generator. It’s too technologic, with too many sound effects, too many jarring cacophony’s, too much production, just too much going on. The essence of the band - subtle bass lines from Berryman, emotive keys from Martin and the roaring guitar of Buckland - are swept to the wayside in favour of EDM beats I haven’t heard since GarageBand.
Everyday Life, for its flaws, seemed to be Coldplay saying ‘fuck you’ to everyone who’d ever expected anything from them. We’re Coldplay - here’s a gospel bop, here’s some roaring brass, here’s a literal hymn, and here’s a few tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in an album of ours 15 years ago. And though they tell us they’re pushing the boundaries again, experimenting more, I can’t help but feel they’ve produced the quintessential mainstream pop album of our era.
I’ll round up and give it a 2/10 - without Coloratura we’re undoubtedly binary. But it is that final track that, perhaps overly optimistically, gives me some hope. Hope we will hear the best from Coldplay again. Hope that one day, my once favourite band will walk into a studio with nothing more than 2 guitars, a bass, a piano and some drums, and produce something that sounds like Coldplay again.
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2021.10.18 16:46 LittleMac1998 So bored anyone wanna snap and discuss games with me. Look at profile for snap.

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2021.10.18 16:46 JayHexxx Flower Crown Selfie

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2021.10.18 16:46 Ok6666 Neko-Inu Global | P2E Digital Pet |

Neko-Inu is a gaming platform for everyone to have fun while earning USDT. After signing up, you have to purchase your first digital pet as Low as 50 USDT and as high as 1800 USDT (if you purchase a 50 USDT pet, you will need to have 2 x the amount of USDT in your account first i.e 100 USDT).
Once you have purchased your pet, you have to complete up to 5 missions every 12 hours to increase your pet’s value. The more actions you complete, the higher the value of your pet. The missions are literally just clicking a few buttons, really simple.. (Example, I purchase my pet at 1800 USDT. The value of my pet will increase 1% when I complete each mission. Hence the value of my pet can increase up to 5% every 12 hours = 1890 USDT)
After 12 hours, you can place your pet on the market to be sold immediately and be purchased by other users. Neko Inu charges a 2% transaction fee for all transactions. Hence you will receive 54 USDT as pure profits, which equates to 108 USDT a day.
You will repurchase your pet at 1800 USDT and the cycle repeats.
Some useful links:

  1. https://pdfhost.io/v/VlvD.LGkk_Neko_Inu_Global_Guide
  2. https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/introducing-neko-inu-a-virtual-pet-world-beyond-imagination-for-all-ages-2021-09-13?tesla=y
  3. https://guide.neko-inu.global/
I need 5 referral to unlock 2 more pet slots, simply click on the link below to give it a try.
  1. https://members.neko-inu.global/register?ref=Jojobee666
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2021.10.18 16:46 LouPadre525 Question: Top loader storage

How do you all store top loaders? I’m looking for a way to keep my cards that are in a top loader stored all together. I have the cardboard boxes for cards that are just sleeved and I’m looking at a case for the graded cards but having a little trouble with the top loaders. Honestly I’m open to hearing how any and all cards (sleeved, top loaders, graded) are stored.
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2021.10.18 16:46 Delos788 PinkPantheress interview: ‘Music’s been the same for so long. Can we get something else?’

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2021.10.18 16:46 foodenjoyer99 Educación Online

Hola Buenas, hay alguien aquí que estudia un grado medio online, me podéis decir como es por favor? Como se hace durante el día? Si es totalmente online o hay que venir hacer prácticas a veces?
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2021.10.18 16:46 TidyboyTHFC The Mysterious Cane Hill - Croydon, London, UK

I have messaged Mr B on twitter and explained a bit but i think ill make a post to see if some people are interested as i didnt tell him all the facts as i forgot some. Its was a very spooky place with so many stories that ill talk about after a brief intro of the place.
Brief History: Cane Hill Hospital was a psychiatric hospital in Coulsdon in the London Borough of Croydon.
Today it might be a lovely collection of up-market new-build flats, but less than 30 years ago it was a huge asylum.
Great Video showing the shut down spooky Place, It had many tunnels, and was so huge it even had a bus stop at the bottom of the drive plus every nurse and doctor housing about 200m away from the main buildings and hospital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZhElepCBCw
The hospital opened as the Third Surrey Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 1883, set on a hilltop overlooking Coulsdon , and by 1888 cared for more than 2,000 patients.
Cane Hill Hospital , as it was renamed in 1930, saw a number of mentally ill ex-servicemen during the first and second World Wars, and a train station was even built to shuttle staff, patients and visitors between the asylum and central London.
More GOOD facts:
Over its 100 years the asylum saw many patients come and go, including the mum of screen legend Charlie Chaplin in the 19th century, the brothers of actor Michael Caine and singer David Bowie - in fact, a drawing of Cane Hill Hospital is featured on the front cover of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World. David Bowies step brother actually escaped and killed himself on the nearby rail station. Its now called Coulsdon South and Bowie wrote about him and CH in many songs. So it was a place he would go and see his mentally ill brother a lot.
Also in the Victorian times Unwed pregnant women were sent there as they were not allowed to do this, it was a big NO NO. Its said that they also sent criminals there and "problem people" into there SANE and turn INSANE because of the conditions it was so bad. Just like the movie "One flew over the Cuckoos nest"
There is a great scary story on YouTube, Not sure if its real or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgsD5tAr1ls could be included on your video of it Mr B
In the early 80s the hospital cemetery was deconsecrated and cleared, with remains of nearly 6,000 people, including WWI servicemen, exhumed and cremated at Croydon Cemetery. The soldiers' ashes were scattered in a special 'Location 1000' in the grounds.
Most of the site laid derelict for many years, with the 23 patients in the secure unit eventually moving to what had been the Coulsdon Cottage Hospital, on Fourth Drive in 2006. The cottages then closed in 2008, with the patients and staff moved to Bethlam Hospital.
Most of the original buildings were demolished in 2008, although the historic water tower, chapel and administrative building remained, still containing belongings of those that lived there, piles of browning papers and artistic drawings.
This place was so big and another story ive heard, which i know is true as far as i can research is that the original owner of the mental home was buried in an unmarked grave in the grounds as he loved the place so much. Weird you would love death, criminally insane and dangerous patients.
I remember looking through photos of people that had got in before the massive fence went up and it was guarded 24/7. I tried so many times to get in but it had patrolling guards, with dogs, one of which bit me while on one of my recon visits. I also tried many times to get to know people that would go inside and know a way, they were veteran urban explorers.
Another great video of the tunnels just off the grounds, these werent the cane hill tunnels, but a bit further away and my mate who was an urbexer knew had recetly been opened by someone ( they would get opened then sealed as soon as they security found out. But i was lucky enough to go into these tunnels. These were WW2 bombing shelters and it was HUGE pitch black, but we climbed in with our gear (he was a photographer) and i had a massive flashlight. I would later be so scared stiff....
As we walked the tunnels and he took photos we started hearing noises and people walking about. I was on my own as id walked off to take my own photos. it was empty apart from the rusting bits of metal equipment that was used by a company who rented out the tunnels as a work place to make metal work (who would do that, it was in the 70s/80s i think.) They left and it was sealed for good. Anyway back to the noises and they got louder and louder and i was so scared i was alone in this maze of tunnels. I thought id call out and say " are you police? " thats what i thought they were, but i couldnt see anything as the tunnels were like straight and had sharp corners. I dont know why but i thought id been busted by the cops after calming down and shouted "im over here, who are you?" then 2 urban explorers popped round one corner. RELIEF. But was still warey, My friend came round and we all talked a bit about the place and how they had come down on a day trip to see all abandoned places in the area. Mainly this and Cane hill, but by then you couldnt get in cane hill and it was slowly being burnt away. The tunnels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe7e5H1K2K8 not my video or anything to do with me.
I wish so much id seen the original abandoned place pre vandals getting in and tramps hanging out in there. some of the photos in one of the videos in the post. Can you imagine being in a totally derelict mini town and seeing the amazing chapel and morgue, must have been so scary.
There will be plenty more info and stories about this place if you chose to make a video and do a bit more research on it Mr B. I really hope you do. Cheers
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2021.10.18 16:46 tekhfu Why are my photos double exposed ? (Contax T2) I did two films , twice the same problem

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2021.10.18 16:46 Shodoma ETF sul Bitcoin di Vaneck

Ciao ragazzi, volevo chiedere la vostra opinione su questo strumento: VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN
Mi sembra molto interessante per chi segue una strategia di investimento di lungo termine, ma volevo sapere cosa ne pensassero altri investitori privati.
Grazie a tutti in anticipo
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2021.10.18 16:46 bestjedi22 Who is your favourite Jedi character in the KOTOR games?

KOTOR and KOTOR 2 both have iconic Jedi characters that play important supporting roles in the stories of these games. Aside from the protagonists, these other characters present the Jedi in a new light that is different from the films and shows; it highlights the unique issues of what is like to be a Jedi and the struggle between duty and personal feelings. These characters have depth and really make you contemplate the Jedi path in a much more well rounded way based on their experiences and perspectives.
Which Jedi character is your personal favourite from the KOTOR games? Which one do you connect with the most? How do they make you feel about the Jedi? Vote below and discuss!
View Poll
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2021.10.18 16:46 astronomicskies This is with a 5:30-1 the previous Saturday too I’m worn out

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2021.10.18 16:46 pikegomon Giratina raid need 10 5418 7003 8919 0226 7217 1381

5418 7003 8919
0226 7217 1381
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2021.10.18 16:46 bluethecoloris Rome mayoral election won by centre-left, exit poll suggests

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2021.10.18 16:46 Career_Mode_geek These are my untradeables, I need a team. I got 100k, any formation is good as long as it gets most chem, 4-4-2 in game.

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2021.10.18 16:46 Campbell_Carol What batteries (electric or petroleum-based) do you think will make an impact in the future of automobiles?

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2021.10.18 16:46 Ok-Boomer-4241 POV: You Wake Up at 3 a.m. and See This… (The Monster Mash)

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2021.10.18 16:46 dothatthingyoudo69 Car got broken into yesterday.

Car got broken into yesterday, they busted my drivers side window. How do I go about this? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but i've never had to replace a busted window before. What am I looking at spending?
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2021.10.18 16:46 Automatic-Cow-8126 What’s the lowest we should see today??

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2021.10.18 16:46 bluethecoloris ‘People felt threatened even by a puppet refugee’: Little Amal’s epic walk through love and fear

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2021.10.18 16:46 ReverseNormie What’s going on with my roommate?

I’ve just gone to uni and I live in a hall. I’m more of an introvert but I met my roommates and they’re all good people for the most part and I get along with them. Some more than others. One of my flat mates invited me to go clubbing with her and her friend after a couple of weeks of just hanging out and watching films. During the clubbing session we had a lot of fun but she was really touchy, which I didn’t mind since I had already developed a crush on her but I was just in shock to the extent to which she was touching. After the club, I was the most sober (if you can call it sober) so I dropped off her friend and took my roommate back to the flat. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed but she wanted to watch some tv and stay up so I agreed. So we watched some tv and she started burying her head in my chest and asked if I had a girlfriend out of the blue and confessed that she liked me. I said I liked her too.
But nothing came of it. If anything the situation only got weirder, she’s been more distant and I’m not sure if it’s something I did? Or maybe she’s changed her mind? She also asked me about my star sign and was put off by it. She also said she thinks that we are the most likely to have the next argument in our flat which confused me even more since we seem to get along well. I’m very confused as to maybe ask her what she wants out of this situation since I do like her but I don’t want to make things more awkward.
We went from laying down together and having roommates walk in to the point where the other roommates think we are dating. I could really use the advice… why have things changed so much in a couple of days.
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2021.10.18 16:46 Chaotic5555 How long does it take to begin to gain income from the creator fund?

I have gone through the process of submitting my tax information about 3 weeks ago and when I check on my income tab my tax information is still set to pending. Is that what I need to finish processing in order to accumulate income? My account is 30 days old as of today and has 33k followers and 2.4 Million views. Am I missing something or does it just take a long time to verify tax information?
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