Where to read Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 162 online for free!!

2021.09.20 12:22 Tessia0710 Where to read Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter 162 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:22 E1KiM When you do a quick Narai for daily containers and your team is still asleep (3089 bxp, 476kdmg)

When you do a quick Narai for daily containers and your team is still asleep (3089 bxp, 476kdmg) We probably would've lost it cuz only 1 teammate was with me in the endzone. The upside is I'm done with daily containers basically in 1 go :p
Seriously, use Narai while it's there. Has been an amazing everything farm ( ship xp if t7 needs grind, credits, fxp, commander xp ).
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2021.09.20 12:22 SundaySoDepressing Herbs / Spices Suppliers

Moving out this December and one of the things that I'm planning to do is build up my herbs / spices for my pantry. Any recommendation on where to get good quality and in bulk/grams? (that it isn't McCormick; Shopee, sure but I tried a number of stores there and got bad quality stuff :/)
Any leads would be appreciated. :-)
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2021.09.20 12:22 ThatManWithBread First meme, what should I use to make memes...

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2021.09.20 12:22 Sjeefr Is security increased when moving TOTP from 1Password to iCloud Keychain, instead of a 3rd party?

Some say having your one time password in 1Password is like having no OTP, since if your vault is breached, they also have your second authenticator. But the odds of my vault breached is so much lower than my password leaked somewhere, that -personally- I think TOTP in 1Password is a sufficient measure.
Regardless, I am thinking of moving some of my OTPs out of 1Password to enhance security nonetheless. I have my second authenticators in 1Password simply because of the ease of use. To hopefully have a similar experience, without experimenting, I was suggesting myself moving them to Apple iCloud's Keychain, since it now has a TOTP function. But my worries are simply: Is that any safer?
I think the question can be expanded to the following:

  1. Is iCloud Keychain, in general, similar safe to Authy, Google Authenticator or any other third party?
  2. With my iCloud password stored in 1Password and my 2FA's in iCloud Keychain, can we or can we not say that OTP in 1P is the same as in iCloud, because they -might- automatically have access to my iCloud TOTPs?
  3. If your recommendation was to not use iCloud Keychain as a 2FA tool, what would you recommend?
Looking forward to some advice how to up my security.
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2021.09.20 12:22 SOYMyRedditKarmaSOY Anybody here get accepted into the start-up incubator program?

I made an app that makes me about 2k a month passively when I was 18 and want to build something new with other ambitious people.
If you're super serious and majoring in math/cs/physics or something else tech related please hmu and we can try to build something cool :) Only if you're serious and want to put all of your effort into it, like working smart and hard consistently.
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2021.09.20 12:22 Haytham_A [WTS] Two Vintage Seiko 7002-8000 & Rose gold Limited Edition Black Lagoon Build

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2021.09.20 12:22 kevin_David_k Motodeal - Car Dealer & Classified WordPress Theme

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2021.09.20 12:22 No_Antelope_5945 Angular login component receives a null value from the service but don't know why

I have a translate service and when I want to show the default language , the language selector part shows nothing, When you open the page first time, the selected language doesn't appear on the drop-down tab by default and don't know why. if I create a new variable (lang) and pass a variable called this.selectedLanguage to it, the default language works. I'm still a beginner in asynchronous programming, and i don't know where is the problem, there is an async function :

export class TranslateService { 
data: any = {}; selectedLanguage = 'en'; //lang = this.selectedLanguage; <-- working but not good solution constructor(private http: HttpClient, private storage: Storage) { }
async use(lang: string): Promise<{}> { lang = lang ? lang : await this.storage.get('lang'); return new Promise<{}>((resolve) => { const langPath = assets/i18n/${lang || 'en'}.json; this.selectedLanguage = lang; this.storage.set('lang', this.selectedLanguage); this.http.get<{}>(langPath).subscribe( translation => { this.data = Object.assign({}, translation || {}); return resolve(this.data); }, () => { this.data = {}; return resolve(this.data); } ); }); }
get(): string { return this.selectedLanguage; } }
Here is my attempt in the component.ts file with comment

export class LoginComponent implements OnInit { 
imgError = false; loginForm: FormGroup; selectedLanguage: string;
 @ Input() alertMessage: string; 
@ Input() loginConfig: LoginConfig = { title: '', version: '', versionLink: '' };
@ Output() callLogin = new EventEmitter<{ email: string, password: string, isRememberMe: boolean }>(); @ Output() callPasswordReminder: EventEmitter = new EventEmitter();
@ HostListener('document:keydown.enter') onKeydownHandler() { this.login(); }
constructor( public storage: Storage, private translateService: TranslateService, private alertController: AlertController, private translate: TranslatePipe ) { }
ngOnInit() { //console.log(this.translateService.selectedLanguage); //this.selectedLanguage = this.translateService.lang <-- this is a working solution, but it's not okay for my colleagues this.selectedLanguage = this.translateService.selectedLanguage; <- i got a null value with this option
this.storage.remove('user'); this.storage.remove('role'); this.storage.get('isRememberMe').then((result) => { this.loginForm.controls.isRememberMe.setValue(result); }); }
Can you guys help me?
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2021.09.20 12:22 abjinternational [100% off]The Complete Growth Mindset Course - The Mindset for Success

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2021.09.20 12:22 rntq472 For those of you still plotting with base R, I wrote a package to help with placing elements exactly where you want them

I've recently released on CRAN a package called precisePlacement which is designed to help users get elements onto a (base R) plot easily and precisely. It lets you identify points and distances in terms of inches, pixels, margin lines, data units, and proportions of the plotting space, all in a simple way so that you don't have to construct complex manipulations of the various par() options.
An overview can be found in the vignette.
Personally I still mostly plot with base R over ggplot2 because I am usually creating a small number of very finely tuned plots rather than a large number of quick and dirty ones. And I just never got around to trying out the grid package.
If you find yourself frequently referring to that "How big is your graph?" cheatsheet hosted on RStudio then this package might be of interest.
I hope it is helpful, and if you find any bugs I would be very grateful to hear about them.
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2021.09.20 12:22 antisocialhomebody Reddit has most funny and witty humans

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2021.09.20 12:22 Franky_78 Einlasscode

Hey, falls noch jemand einen Einlasscode benötigt: 0db5677d19a0
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2021.09.20 12:22 Standard-Height-8405 مرض التوحد autism | أسبابه وأعراضه وانواعه وعلاجه

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2021.09.20 12:22 izzo7zp Gun Control: Ability to hit what you aim at!?

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2021.09.20 12:22 Accomplished-Tap3353 Bitcoin May Touch $100,000 by End of 2021, Bloomberg Analyst Says

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2021.09.20 12:22 williamwitchdrdotcom Are there any religions where women are equal to men?

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2021.09.20 12:22 the_flying_stone Need ideas for a LOTR-inspired archery shirt

Hi everyone, not too sure if this post is allowed here but I’m looking to design an archery shirt for my college team with elements of LOTR (canon or fan-made) in them.
Hope someone could give me some ideas or a direction that I can go look for some. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 12:22 christostrong Don't want to mess around with HVAC stuff...

Hi all
I have a healthy appreciation for the dangers of electricity, especially here in Thailand, so I try not to mess with anything. Would rather let the professionals sort it out.
I'm in a modern condo unit. Today, the split aircon unit tripped. I heard a loud pop from the circuit breaker. It's never happened before, but I've only been here four months. I reset the breaker, but it tripped with a loud pop again as soon as I pushed it up, with a flash of blue light. (the breakers back in my home country never did this. If it tripped again when resetting, it would just flip down... no sound, no flash etc, which is why it spooked me.) I decided I'd just ask the landlord to send someone over - scheduled for tomorrow.
I thought I'd try one more time this afternoon, videoing what happened so that I could show the electrician tomorrow, because I really didn't want to deal with the embarrassing situation of the electrician arriving tomorrow, resetting the breaker and everything working fine in 20 seconds. Lo and behold, that's what happened.
I've been running the unit for about an hour now and everything is normal. It's been raining today (and every two days for the last while being rainy season) so I assume water could've gotten somewhere it shouldn't have been.
Should I cancel the appointment for tomorrow? Or is it worth an electrician coming through anyway?
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2021.09.20 12:22 EnderTheorist Got a couple of cursed cannonballs my last session :)

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2021.09.20 12:22 Tessia0710 Where to read I Am A Legendary BOSS - Chapter 140 - Revival? online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:22 Sketchy-Person This is my enlightened part of the Hunt for the Prometheus. C&C welcome!

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2021.09.20 12:22 abjinternational [100% off]The Complete Growth Mindset Course - The Mindset for Success

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2021.09.20 12:22 californiasucksbutt Sometimes I feel bad I didn’t see my granny die

She was at one of those end-of-life wards for ovarian, uterine & bowel cancer; we all knew it was coming, we visited often & I love her very dearly. But on the night she died, I asked to be driven home (I was 15 or 16) so I wouldn’t be there. Everyone else stayed, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, including my mum who drove me home, then drove back to be with her. I was the only one not with her & sometimes I have regrets, but I know I wouldn’t be able to get the image of her dead out of my head. I didn’t want it to cloud memories of her alive. But sometimes I feel selfish.
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2021.09.20 12:22 madjarov42 Let players fail

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying on Behalf of my Players
TL;DR: Fun requires consistency.
Yesterday I proved this to myself and it's honestly a load off. I'm a new DM and I've always been a bit apprehensive about narrating failure because I imagine that they'll be disappointed and it won't be fun anymore.
We're doing Blue Alley, a puzzle funhouse. They made a plan to get through the levitation room with the lightning rods that involved a rope, bearskin rug, Boggle grease, and an Unseen Servant. The tiefling slid across the floor, levitated halfway through it, and took damage. A lot of convoluted attempts and discussion later, they realised they can just hop over the pressure plate.
Similar thing with the Minotaur room. They meticulously timed the Unseen Servant to snatch the key off the bull, then they let go of the horns and the key vanished along with the bull. The plan had failed but they were so happy. The world made sense.
If I'd let them succeed (because it was a cool creative idea) they'd have felt like they solved the puzzle, but not the world. And the puzzle would be over. Now they know not only how the puzzle works, but how the world works. That is a superior feeling.
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