Where to read The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting - Chapter 304 - My Luoluo Is Still Young online for free!!

2021.09.20 12:41 Tessia0710 Where to read The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting - Chapter 304 - My Luoluo Is Still Young online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:41 tuesdaynight_ Does anyone know anything about 64amp?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWxuFkwSBiU does anyone know anything about this guy? I found him in the SpaceGhostPurrp Presents PVRPLX LXVN video and really fw this song. From what I could gather he's from purrp's city, has like 3 different soundclouds I could find, and a private ig account that I'm assuming is inactive.
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DPS Alert Motorist Assist S US 95 and CC 215;SB TO GO WB RAMP 09/20/2021 03:34:42 AM
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2021.09.20 12:41 Alastor3 Steam family sharing and the passwords in game

Hi, one of my friend want to share me his steam account so I can try the game out. But I heard each copy of the game generate different passwords in the game (as puzzle) so that you can't find the passwords on the internet to speedrun the game, and I was wondering if I play with his own version of the game, will I already have the passwords that he already discovered? I dont know if I will be able to make a new game, I've never tried the family share thingy on steam so I dont know if I must play with his save file or not.
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2021.09.20 12:41 theboygoddess Favorite 50 Cynt moment or quote?

I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or I’m just hanging out with the wrong people…but I feel like Miss Cynthia Bailey doesn’t often get enough credit. She’s beautiful, tall, a touch out of touch and she’s really funny sometimes, too.
I’m curious, what’s your favorite Cynthia moment, quote, episode, etc.?
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2021.09.20 12:41 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Maybe we should learn from the CDC and FDA's failures? | Washington Examiner

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2021.09.20 12:41 abr_xas I'm such a dick I haven't given my Dog any food in 12 weeks

Gotcha! He died two months ago :)
Sorry, I tried to post this on "badjokes" but it didn't work...
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2021.09.20 12:41 Tessia0710 Where to read Rebirth of a Supermodel - Chapter 216 online for free!!

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Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2021.09.20 12:41 Similar_Analysis_459 A One-Way Door

An Axels first spark of consciousness is greeted with a rush of urgency. Ancient, old, instincts kicking into gear as a potent brew of chemicals and hormones flood their system, guiding them as they have guided their ancestors for millennia. They race for the treeline from the waters they were spawned in, filled with a deep, absolute fear. All this before they have even had a chance to consider the fact of their own existence. From there it never stops, the urgency or the fear.
“Timely interception, evaluation and response to all cases of FLM is imperative to the continued safety and prosperity of our people. The latest missive from Central has designated intersolar probe utilisation and efficiency as a focus for improvement in the current cycle…” Saer tuned out the speaker system. It had been six cycles since he arrived here. Too long. Being in one place for any length of time set him on edge, and he was about ready to go crazy, stationed at this edge-galaxy rock so unimportant it was still nameless, identifiable only by its assigned galactic code. He scrubbed at his face, before pulling at his antennae. It wasn’t his fault. All his life he had been exemplary. No, better than that. Perfect. The first to reach the Teachers in the foliage surrounding the spawning rooms, the first to master his instincts and pass their test. Dedicated to his studies. It all came down to FLM. Cursed FLM. Foreign Living Matter. It was the pathway he had chosen, the pathway he’d been told could take him furthest. When he’d heard that he’d known there were no other options. No real ones. Yet where was the stuff? He’d not yet found any, and until he did, there was no progression. No success. No satisfaction.
Woefully Saer gazed down again at his display. Twelve probe readouts blinked back at him. Eight currently surveying, three between systems and one entering system arrival. To think he had once dreamed of finding a multicellular organism, of making it into the history books. He’d take any bacterium now. Of course, so would 99.7% of his peers. FLM wasn’t exactly common. Something the Teachers had neglected to tell him. Chittering to himself softly he set about loading the arriving probes instructions. Six cycles spent here going on seven…
The probe entered the system in a flash of light, the excess energy vanishing in a burst as it dropped back into real space. Accessing its databanks it confirmed what long distance scans had revealed, System 9XYCCBV was home to a single dwarf star and three natural satellites, no unnatural radio waves, no immediate signs of life. Efficiently and precisely capturing details and scans of the star as it had so many times before the probe quickly made its way through to the satellites as well. It was only nearing completion of the third satellite that the probe ran into something unprecedented. An error. A most curious error. Sending the completed load of data back to base, Saer’s workstation dutifully delivered the error along with supporting documents to Central as policy dictated, before pinging Saer, ending his sleep period.
It made no sense. A ‘hole’ where information simply stopped. Nothing that entered left, nor did anything new exit, The only thing Saer had heard of like it was an Eater of Worlds. Something that simply could not exist on the surface of a planet without consuming it, nor exist at all in such a small size.
“We need you down there Monitor. Nothing can be left ignored, nothing can be left to chance.” Saer gulped, turning his eyes away from the impossible findings and back to the video call.
“Sir I have trouble believing this is worth wasting our time on. This… anomaly, is tiny, a mere 5 standard lengths squared, barely larger than me. Nothing else of note is present and I’m sure I can get more valuable work done for Her Grace directing our energy at more realistic pursuits rather than scrabbling around in the dirt checking up on a machines error.”
The proctor’s eyes narrowed “Your role isn’t to question the orders of the Queen and her designees Monitor. Perhaps you really have lost your touch, how many cycles have you been stationed at your present post? Eight? Perhaps what would do the most good for the Queen would be getting rid of the weak blood and making sure all her workers are competent at their jobs.”
Saer let out a shrill chitter, waving a claw at the screen, “I’ll be down there Sir, you don’t need to worry about me, I’ll take care of everything” One of the Proctors Antennae twitched, signaling doubt, hastily Saer pressed on, “I’ll be off immediately, and I trust you’ll see the continued results of my good work.”
“We’ll see about that Monitor.” The call ended. Saer sat there for a moment, before in a sudden fury he dashed his pad off the desk. The gall! None worked harder than he, how dare they? To threaten him? They were hardly worthy to tremble at his feet. Hurriedly he began gathering his things before making his way towards the shuttle. He’d show them. All of them. One day he would gleefully snip the wings out from that obnoxious Proctor in particular. Now that was something to look forward to.
The shuttle curved gently through the atmosphere, arching across the cool green night sky. Saer closed his eyes, focusing inwards on the feel of gravity growing stronger. This planet would be no problem for him of course. The gravity was a relaxing 80% of standard, it was night so he wouldn’t suffer under the searing sun and under the incredibly unlikely eventuality that he would have to exit his shuttle, his suit would provide him with the perfect breathing environment. With a low hum the shuttle rocked as the autopilot guided it on the ground. Opening his eyes Saer peered around at the alien landscape. What could possibly be out here that set the probe off? Nothing no doubt, a simple glitch of missing data that Central couldn’t possibly let slide. Looking down at the readouts Saer paused. There it was! Again that hole! How could it be there? Where was it? He had just glanced all around and seen nothing. Gazing through the windows now Saer could just make out, not too far off, a small circle of… something. He tugged his antennae. He was really going to have to do this himself.
Saer stumbled, cursing as he dragged himself upright, the lower gravity making him overcompensate the other way. The soft sand crumbled under each staggered step he made, making an already taxing task even more frustrating. Fiercely chittering to himself as he made his way towards the anomaly, he planned how he was going to get back at all the fellow Axel keeping him in this position, until finally he was before it. Gazing, he felt his idle frustrations fade away, his mundane natterings about Central seeming so unimportant suddenly. It was nothing. Pure and complete nothing. No depth, no dimensions. Despite having disparaged the size as barely larger than him, it certainly didn’t feel small. It felt dangerous, like a window into the void that he could just fall into forever, surrounded by nothingness. Saer held up his scanner. Nothing. He nervously knelt, grasping around for a rock, loathe to let ‘it’ leave his vision, lest it do… something. Anything. Grabbing one he hurriedly stood back up. For a moment Saer paused, could this be a stupid mistake? However just the thought of Central swarming this place, stealing all of his discovery, leaving him for another who knows how many cycles of irrelevancy…
Saer threw the rock.
It simply disappeared. There one moment, gone the next. Saer exhaled in a rush. He hadn’t even realized he was holding his breath. What was this? How could it exist? Well whatever it was, it was his ticket to the top. Slowly, ever so slowly he reached out, allowing the tip of one claw to just the slightest bit, graze against the void. He didn’t feel anything, no heat or lack thereof, no pain or explicit lack of feeling either. It just felt normal. Saer pulled back - or tried to. His claw was stuck fast. Panicking now Saer tugged harder but there was absolutely zero give. It was stuck fast. But what was worse, Saer quickly realized, was that with every movement inwards, more and more of himself was passing through that unknowable blackness. What had begun as just the tip of his claw had now quickly become a solid quarter of one of his arms, and the beginning of the other, having instinctually reached out to brace against it. He was well and truly stuck.
Saer let out a panicked shriek, almost shocking himself that he could make such a noise. A small part of his mind whispered to himself that he was better than this, that he should be able to control himself, but this was not a familiar situation. He couldn’t use his arms to access his pad. He had no way of contacting Central, and slowly every single twitch and shiver sunk him bit by bit further and further into that abyss. Saer hung there, breathing deeply trying to collect himself. Suddenly he had a startling revelation. He could still feel his manipulators! He couldn’t pull them out, but he could twist and move them, he could even just barely brush them against one another. Saer gulped, as he slowly realised he had two options. To stay stuck where he was, unable to move, feed or drink, out of air by morning on an alien planet just in time to avoid toasting to death. Or to push ahead. To submerge his head in the darkness and emerge somewhere entirely unknown. His heart was beating like a drum. He was going to have to do it. There was simply no other real option. He was going to have, against every instinct, willingly step forward. Saer swallowed nervously, steeling himself, and counted down. Three… two… one… He tensed up, lurched forwards slightly but couldn’t follow through. Screaming filled his mind. Can’t do it, Can’t do It, Can’t do it, You’re dead, you’re going to die. On an endless repeat. Saer stood there, frozen, trapped in his own head.
It was there, frozen and unwilling, unable to move, when suddenly, something warm grabbed him by both arms and pulled him forwards. Helpless to resist and before he could so much as blink, Saer sank, nay - plummeted into the void.
It was deafening. Saer realized dimly he was shrieking again. Twice in one day. He was also frantically clawing in any which direction he could. His blood pounded in his ears, but overshadowing all of that, was the noise, the shockingly loud sheer noise coming off the hideous creatures in front of him. They were monstrous. Far taller than him, close to twice his height. Two of them were falling back from him, but more ringed around at the far end of the room. It was a room, a long pure white chamber surrounded him, clinical in the cleanliness of it. Behind him sat the hole, as silent and looming as it had been on the other side. The titans stood there; their freakish eyes fixed on him. One clutched it’s strange misshapen arm to itself, red leaking down, staining the white garments they wore. Saer crouched back, before in a sudden stroke of inspiration, backing up, rushing to pass back through the portal that must have taken him here. Unlike before however, this time nothing happened. No part of him passed through. He may as well have been trying to walk through metal. Saer was well and truly trapped.
Contrasting the cacophony after his entrance, now the room was silent aside from the murmuring of the beasts at the far end and Saer’s panting. Saer frantically waved about his claws, posturing lest one of them approach him again. The injured being and its partner slowly backed away, the partner vocalising, what sounded in cadence and tone to be orders, before they all filed out, the door closing behind, leaving Saer alone. Saer’s mind was racing. FLM! Life! Multicellular seemingly intelligent beings! This was beyond anything anyone could have ever dreamed, Centrals worst nightmare! He was shaking now. How was he going to get out of this mess? First contact with aliens and he impales one of them, not that they didn’t deserve it, but he didn’t feel quite so secure in that knowledge knowing he was trapped in one of their rooms. Saer raced to check his data pad. He could contact Central from here, get them to free him and take care of all of this! Looking at his pad Saer froze, the enthusiasm draining out of him. Disbelieving what he was seeing Saer refreshed his screen to receive the same message. No Signal. How was that possible? There wasn’t a place in the galaxy Central’s beacons didn’t reach, how could there be no connection?
It’d been a quarter of a sleep cycle before the door cracked open. Saer had been relieved to find the atmosphere mostly matched his own, a healthy if slightly low level of oxygen, with other non-toxic elements present. One of the beasts from before slowly entered, this time padded up in more gear, still pure white but covering the arms and legs well. Saer took a moment to puzzle over just how ugly the face was, before fear over what was to become of him took over. What kind of vengeance would they want for what he’d done to their companion? The creature approached slowly, its arms held up, hands flat towards him. One held a strange device, a small cube, which it slowly crouched down and set between itself and him. It then began to babble. Communication! It wanted to communicate with him. It pulled from its pocket a tablet and displayed a picture of some kind of green flora, reminiscent of one from Saer’s home planet. It then clearly enunciated a single word, paused for a moment, and then clicked onward to a new picture, an ocean. The pattern continued. In a rush Saer understood, the device on the ground must be a tool to help with translating. Eagerly Saer began replying, helping to try to reach a common ground of understanding.
“This cube is a link to the Artificial Intelligence or A.I, it can work way more efficiently on this kind of thing than we can, honestly without them who knows how long we’d have been here struggling just to have a conversation!” The ‘human’ broke off, barking suddenly. Apparently their way of expressing amusement. Quaint. “I don’t know what we’d do without it.” ‘She’ bared her teeth at Saer, it was his turn to talk now apparently. He’d have to be careful not to say anything that might trigger her feral instincts.
“Ah… very impressive.” Artificial Intelligence? What a stupid concept, why bother wasting time creating intelligence when your species is already the epitome of evolutionary success? Of course, maybe things were different for these humans, maybe they needed these crutches to be able to simply exist as a society. Regardless Saer would let them prattle all their secrets away, and then let Central figure out what to do with this infestation that had gotten underway somehow outside of their view.
“You don’t need to worry about Rory by the way.” Saer blinked in confusion. What? “He’s fine, it was just a small scratch, 5 stitches in his arm, hell its on him for grabbing you like that anyway I say.” Saer sat up in realisation, the human he had injured when he came through the portal. He’d survived? Perhaps this species was hardier than he realised.
“That is good to learn, hopefully he will regain the use of his arm in time.” Let them think he cared, The scientists head quirked but before she could speak he followed up with another question, “Tell me, what exactly is that?” He gestured behind him, at the portal that had brought him here.
The lady’s face lit up, immediately distracted from whatever she had been going to say.
“That’s actually the reason we’re all here! This is a research centre, we’re working on cutting edge tech to travel across the universe, and that right there is what we are pretty confident is going to be the way of the future!” The woman sucked in a breath “Unfortunately as you discovered it does kind of have a drawback at the moment, it seems to only be functioning in one direction…” Saer grimaced, oh how much easier things would be if it were working properly, these self-described apes could already be contained and taken care of. “Still, we’re pretty confident we can sort that out.” She leaned closer and whispered conspiratorially “To tell you the truth we weren’t actually sure we were connected through to anything until you and that rock came through, it’s a real breakthrough!” Saer groaned. This was going to be a struggle.
The next day more humans arrived, To ‘welcome him to the galactic community’. Two men in black suits sat opposite Saer as he nervously scrubbed at his antennae.
“We understand this is first contact between our two species, and to our knowledge, your first contact with the greater galactic community at large, so we'd first like to issue you a big welcome!” Both men abruptly began mashing their hands together. Saer thought back to better times, nodding as he played along with them, trying not to bolt from his chair at the thunderous noise. Greater galactic community at large? What were they implying?
“I’m Alex and this is my partner Derek, today we are just planning on ironing out some details and getting you to a place of security and comfort regarding the happenings of the last couple of days and how things will proceed from here.”
Derek took over, no noticeable signal passing between the men, “Now, your kind, the ‘Axel’ don’t show up on any of our records, and you have stated you have no knowledge of any other sophisticated beings out there in the universe, so we are very excited to let you know that after conferring with the galactic counsel about your situation, we have been chosen as your guidance species to welcome you to the fold! Once we restore the connection to your people the Axel will be the 5th species to be recognised!”
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I believe in the project's professional team that will bring the project to the top. These are great opportunities for big investors to invest in this project, which will bring about future success. #ZERCADOS #PRIVACY #TOKEN
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