Lock rekey Alpha, JFC, THandle, Burton, American Lock, Liberty, Browning, Mosler, Knob and Long Guns

2021.09.20 12:26 IvanOrlis Lock rekey Alpha, JFC, THandle, Burton, American Lock, Liberty, Browning, Mosler, Knob and Long Guns

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2021.09.20 12:26 kkarnage2db Space Age retro Dark Orbit mod

have a look for yourself : https://youtu.be/AtDH9wxCzus
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2021.09.20 12:26 xponentialdesign Rainbow Toon Geometry Tunnel 03 | 13-02-2020 | by Xponentialdesign

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2021.09.20 12:26 NobuCollide I heard it call, and so I wander...

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2021.09.20 12:26 Cultural_Mall3726 Single coil RDA [purchase advice]

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2021.09.20 12:26 Kingscrubs12 What the word for multiple 🅱️🅾️🅾️🅱️s?

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2021.09.20 12:26 Tessia0710 Where to read Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World - Chapter 569 - Fitness Testing! online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:26 bartturner Google is teasing a Pixel 6 'offer' if you buy something from the Google Store this wee

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2021.09.20 12:26 InfernoFireStyle What are some dead types/genre of Naruto fics that worked on paper but failed in execution

Title says it all. Words are hard.
Basically the Naruto fics that had a niche (usually, but not exclusively, a what-if scenario) that had a good or interesting premise but the author(s) executed it so poorly that it ended up being dead or very rarely good.
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2021.09.20 12:26 bubblemedialtd AdMonkey [$1.2M market cap] [3 months old] 12% Rewards In ANY token of your choice 🔥 Bespoke dApp 🚀 AdTech Platform Launching Q4 📈 AdMonkey Wallet Releasing Soon 💰 AdMonkey 🐒 1.2M Market Cap 📈

Putting the holder back in control, with our bespoke dApp which allows users to manage their reward token.
High paying rewards are all the craze at the moment. Most projects allow rewards in a single token, we don’t. AdMonkey wants the holder to have as much control over their investment as possible, which is why the bespoke dApp was created. Allowing holders to set their reward to either BNB or ANY BSC token of their choice.
12% rewards are the first benefit of AdMonkey. Then we have the 14% revenue share of the platform, which is sent to the reward pool and paid out to holders based on their hold of AdMonkey. The 14% could be valued at a potential 2000BNB per week!
Anything else? Yes!! An upcoming BSC/ETH wallet, allowing users to track their investments, and manage their reward, directly from our own wallet app. It’ll be available on both iOS and Android, in addition to a Chrome/Firefox extension.
The project itself is headed by a fully doxxed dev and an amazing team of mods. There are 3 full stack developers working on the platform, the ever evolving dApp and the wallet - so you’re in safe hands. Schedules are consistently met and with full transparency.
Recently AdMonkey launched V2 of their contract, changing from manually weekly rewards to automatic daily rewards - saving the holder more money on gas fees!
Ready to find out more about the project? Check out the Telegram: https://t.me/AdMonkeyToken
Here’s the website: https://admonkey.network
As always, this isn’t financial advice so please DYOR.
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2021.09.20 12:26 LWPowerz Angry Kitty (CN)

Angry Kitty (CN)
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2021.09.20 12:26 Wiki_AfD_Watch Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Kevin Browning

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2021.09.20 12:26 zupandit Does being from a Conflict/warzone help you?

Sorry this isn’t the usual topic but I live in Kashmir which is a UN recognized conflict zone obviously. I seriously have been at a disadvantage for living here because of several factors such as I didn’t have access to internet from august 2019-Feb 2021 because the indian govt. cut it off due political reasons. There are constant gunfights, grenade attacks and so much more happening which do take a toll on ur mental health(I’m good tho Alhamdulila). I have been literally chased with 20+ army men with AR’s in their hands for doing nothing as a 12 yr old and sooo much more. My point is will the colleges take this in to account because I had no where close to the same opportunities that people from “normal” places had and I live in extraordinary conditions. Thanks for helping!
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2021.09.20 12:26 Soft_Ad_192 Help me decide on my first macbook

I’ve come across tons of articles on how amazing the M1 machines are; nonetheless, the fact that many users are currently suffering from different issues using these new MacBook keeps bugging me. So I’m currently in a bind not being able to choose between the m1 or the Intel MacBooks. Recently, a friend of mine has offered me a great deal of 1500$ for the i5 (10th gen), 16gb ram, 512gb ssd MacBook Pro 2020. This is actually 200 bucks cheaper than the MacBook Pro m1 with 16gb, 256gb, which is why I’m a bit more fond of the Intel. I’m planning to use the lap for office related stuff like writing, presentation and occasionally photos and video editing. Moreover, to save many PDF files directly on my computer is a must. Since I’m going to use my laptop for approximately 7 years or more, i want to make this purchase worthy. I get that the m1 is out of this world, but i just want the most suitable one for both my budget and future use. Therefore, please consider these aforementioned points and give me some constructive advice. Regards
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2021.09.20 12:26 LeShnud Half-cooked Cup Noodles with sriracha and a pickle

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2021.09.20 12:26 Tessia0710 Where to read Overlord (LN) - Chapter 65 - Volume 9 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:26 UnStarGate Hi, I made the popular meme into pixel art. 💎🙌🚀 Brrr!!

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2021.09.20 12:26 LostYogurtcloset [Hip-hop] Bangers gone forever?

You don't have to go far into the past to find a time when pretty much every song on hip-hop radio was a total banger. Even not-so-great songs would stick in your head for months. During the 2010s, catchy bangers became gradually less frequent.
Today, I checked the Urban and Rhythmic charts (which steer hip-hop stations toward hits to play). Since when are Doja Cat and Ed Sheeran hip-hop artists? Yipes.
There's a lot of hip-hop, but none of it sounds fun. None of it is a banger that gets stuck in my head. It all sounds dark, cold, and kind of sad. Rare exceptions for Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, who seem to be the only ones having fun making hip-hop... sometimes.
Where are the bangers? Is hip-hop in trouble?
Am I missing out on a stash of catchy fun tracks that I just never noticed? Because since ~2015, the genre really seems to be in trouble.
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2021.09.20 12:26 Bozzaholic Man appears in court after East Street crossbow incident

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2021.09.20 12:26 Rohsheen Feeling really alone…

My ex moved out. He had just recently started “talking” to a very young woman at work. And now he’s gone.
It hurts so much to realize he was a covert narcissist this entire time and I just didn’t see it. And it hurts even more to watch his behaviors, understand them, but it still all affects me. I know he never really cared about me because he never had the empathic capacity to do so. I know that it’s so easy for him to treat me like I’m a subhuman because the truth is, I never mattered. How I made him feel is all that mattered, the hope of sex is all that mattered and now that he gets that supply from somewhere else-I’m nothing to him. But it still hurts to be nothing.
I’m also so extremely isolated. I cut off my alcoholic abusive family 3 years ago and my shitty circle of party friends but I never got to make new ones because my then unbeknownst to me narcissist partner was insanely jealous and uncomfortable and made it impossible to be sociable and feel good about it. I chalked it all up to his mommy issues. I let so much slide for the sake of harmony in my home for myself and my children but it wasn’t real. It wasn’t real harmony.
I feel so weak and stupid. And now I have to find a way to be okay completely on my own. He has everything. The money. The friends. The new relationship and the love bombing stage is so fun.
I don’t know what to do but to soldier on but I’m tired and hurt. And angry. And I just wish I had a safe soft place to land. Preferably with a work from home job that doesn’t make me want to tear my hair out because the thought of putting my precious baby in daycare makes me want to vomit and rage. It all feels so unfair.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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2021.09.20 12:26 forgotMyPrevious Can I man a Workshop using drones produced by another Workshop?

I started a new WotC campaign and wanted to try building two (vertically) adjacent Workshops. In theory this could give me 5 drones for 1 Engineer, but for this to work I need to be able to man the second Workshop with the drones generated by an engineer in the first Workshop. Is this possible?
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2021.09.20 12:26 Kritikk Material og byggekostnader stiger, renta stiger og boligmarkedet er nådeløst. Hvordan skal vi noen få eierskap til noe?

Kommer vi som nå står uten eierskap noen gang til å få mulighet for å komme inn på markedet? Min far og mor på 80-tallet hadde ikke noe bedre inntekt en jeg og min fru, de hadde faktisk dårligere råd vil jeg si, men de fikk likevell lån til å bygge et digert hus. Hvorfor er det greit at disse folka nå kjøper sine andre boliger og driver frem en nådeløs hytteutbygging, mens vi yngre ikke får mulighet til noe fremtidig eierskap? Og hvordan kan vi løse dagens situasjon?
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2021.09.20 12:26 ladder22 Is it illegal to return items at Walmart?

Like if I only need a tv for a month can I buy a tv at Walmart and then return it on the 29th day?
I know it’s trashy but basically borrowing it and returning it back.
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2021.09.20 12:26 LamarLovesPassingFoo I tried to do a meme and then I remembered why I leave the gifs and memes to you guys

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2021.09.20 12:26 Titotehminer 3090FE Safe Vram temps?

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