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2021.09.20 12:53 SA5VW8QM6MVM1RG D100 ways to let the players know that they are in danger as soon as they walk into a room!

  1. There is a line of flammable liquid leading from one door into another. 2. The players are summoned to meet the lord, who is laying dead at their throne as soon as they arrive 3. A room is filled with dead bodies. Someone pretending to be dead crawls over, and tells the party some important advice in exchange for something from the room ahead. 4. A sudden cloud of dust appears behind the party as the room they just came from collapses suddenly. Looking back, the party can't see what did it (Outside only). 5. The party finds someone running in the opposite direction, screaming, covered in blood. 6. The entire room is filled with a still-moving cloud of soot, that's starting to settle on the floor. The players instinctively cover their mouths and noses to avoid choking, and they leave footprints in their steps that fill in within seconds. 7. A half-eaten body is thrown at a wall from an open door that slams shut. Only the lower torso and legs remain 8. Someone is trying to run away from another room, but is tripped, and as they try to scramble away, they are pulled backwards. The door slams shut. 9. A dead body hangs upside down from the ceiling. The wrists are bound above the head, slit marks cover their arms, neck and clothing. There isn't a drop of blood on the floor. 10. The words "RUN! DONT MAKE A NOI" are written on the wall in blood 11. A horse with it's reins shoddily cut comes bursting through, seemingly oblivious to the party. The horse will run them over if they don't move out of the way first, and if the party tries to stop the horse it will kick and struggle until it escapes 12. A strong gust of wind blows a straw hat into the room. The hat is coated in blood and is completely tattered. 13. The floor clicks 14. The air is incredibly hot for a second, until the heat leaves the room through the door the players came through 15. The bitter taste of almonds hits your throat 16. A disembodied/ethereal hand slams the door shut behind 17. The floor squelches beneath the player's feet 18. The entire room is empty, save for a child's doll on a table in the side. It's facing the door, and has those sunken eyes that look like they're following the party. When they aren't looking, the doll will turn it's head to face the party 19. A pile of smouldering ash sits in the centre of the room. A single, charred plank of wood is next to it. That plank is covered in barnacles and seems to come from the bottom of a ship 20. The not-too-distant sound of rumbling shakes the ground a little 21. The door behind closes on it's own. It softly clicks and the sound of grinding metal gears comes from the walls and ceiling 22. The floor is a giant chessboard. There are giant pieces, and anything on a white square has disintegrated. This trap is no longer in effect, but the door on the opposite side is a lot bigger than the one the party came from 23. The ceiling is covered in spikes. (Roll D6, if 5 or 6, there is a dead body dripping blood) 24. There is a candle chandelier hanging from the ceiling. But the ceiling is 100 feet in the air, and spinning slightly, as if it were handled just recently 25. Someone is chained to a table in the middle of the room. Their entire torso has been cut open, and their insides are spilling out. The show no sign of being alive, except for the still-beating heart in their chest 26. A book on how to cast invisibility is laying on the floor, seemingly dropped there. It's written in a language one of the players knows. There are empty, locked cages throughout the room 27. The distinct sound of dripping comes from nearby, but the air is bone-dry 28. In the previous room, the party could hear distant noises. Now, it's complete silence 29. The sound of beastly snarls and growls can be heard 30. The floor and walls are clean. Not a speck of dust, not a single item out of place 31. A door on an opposite wall bursts from it's hinges, hitting the wall opposite, and shattering into pieces 32. A set of armour lays on the ground, ground up with teeth marks 33. A wounded warrior tries to give advice, before choking on their own blood and dying 34. An incomplete circle of dead bodies, touching head-to-toe, is in the centre of the floor. The circle needs only two more to be completed 35. The floor begins to cave away under the feet of the most heavily-armoured player 36. A rope is tied to the doorknob of the door they just passed through. The rope is cut and lays loose on the floor, and there are burn marks all over the rope 37. Kevin McAllister taunts the party from the far end of the room and disappears down the hall 38. Two or three giant crossbows are pointed at the door the party walks through. Another two or three are pointed at the door on the far end. They are all loaded, but nobody is there to fire them 39. The light from a window/light source is firing a beam, inches away from a crystal in the centre of the room. Moving the crystal to the beam of light causes it to mechanically move down under the floor, and close behind it. 40. The decoration on the far end of the room is completely different to the near side - almost looking like two rooms were forcibly collided together 41. A puddle or water bath in the room begins trembling slightly 42. A parrot squarks "Marines, we are leaving! Everyone, retreat!" 43. A table full of laughing adventurers or guards goes silent as they see the party. They all hunch over their drinks and glare at the party with a side-eye. They won't talk, except to spit at the parties' shoes. 44. A pair of smoking boots sits in the centre of the room. If the party investigates the boots, a pair of feet will fall out 45. The party hears a yelling from another door: "Mimi! Spit her out! No! Down! Mimi! Drop her! No! Mimi! No! NOOOO!" 46. A tough-looking barbarian stumbles through the door on the far side, clutching their side to keep their intestines from falling out. They collapse as a much smaller maid steps behind, with a smear of blood on their apron. The maid will step on the barbarian's corpse, tell the party "They all overstepped their boundaries. But it's fine now," before walking off. 47. The floor in the centre of the room collapses. The stone-to-flesh orc that was stood on it falls through, and before the floor rejoins, there is a large shattering sound heard. 48. All of the parties' light sources are extinguished. They have a 50/50 chance to relight themselves after a few seconds. 49. The party sees themselves on the far side of the room, all looking wounded and beaten up, passing through a door on the far side. One of them looks back, seems to yell something incomprehensible at the party, then continues down the doorway. 50. A skeleton on a mechanism is pushed forward, and yells "Greetings, and welcome to the room of certain demise! Greetings, and welcome to the room of certain demise! Greetings, and welcome to the room of certain demise!" on loop. Each time, their voice seems to get louder and more tinny. You choose the voice, but it sounds cartoonish and silly 51. All the player's hair stands on end immediately. The room isn't colder than normal 52. A person intercepts the party, telling them they ought not go on ahead, there's a - before exploding into a puddle of blood and viscera 53. All light sources turn green 54. Blood drips into cracks on the ceiling from the floor 55. A fluffy white cat walks through the room, and it stops to clean the blood off it's tail. If the party approaches, it hisses, bites, or runs away. 56. The door behind them closes with a loud slam, followed by a strange warping sound as it fades from existence. 57. An impaled body is stuck on a spear embedded in the floor. It's still dripping blood into a small, fresh puddle, and the body is still warm to the touch. 58. A babies' cot is filled with blood. If anyone puts their hand in, they are sucked in by a force under the surface, that lets go the moment it feels air. If anyone puts their hand in a second time, that force is nowhere to be seen. 59. Dust falls from the ceiling every few seconds. 60. A series of mosaics shows the party in the rooms prior, all solving any issues they had. Someone has been watching them. 61. A door on the opposite side of the wall is completely mangled, having been thrown off it's hinges and crushed under some‍ large creature's bite force. 62. A large pit in the middle of the room is covered with a spider's web.The party is free to walk on it problem-free, but if they attempt to break the webbing or set fire to it, it is destroyed and a large army of baby spiders all crawl out and surround the parties' feet. (Warning: Do NOT use this if anyone in the party suffers arachnophobia. If they do, then say it's a rug covering the pit, and if it's removed in any way, then an army of angry weasels bursts forth.) 63. There is a puppet on strings on a seat, dancing in place. The strings end about an arm's length above the puppet. 64. A skull is hanging from the ceiling. It's swinging as if it were just dropped there. 65. Cracked glass lines one side of the room, from a broken cupboard. 66. The party does not enter the room. They exit on the other side as if they walked through it, and just didn't experience walking through the room at all. (Think King Crimson if you know Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) 67. A statue in the corner of the room is holding a drum. When the party isn't looking, they hear the sound of a drum beat. The statue did not hit the drum. 68. A campfire in the middle of the room extinguishes if the party gets too close, like a candle that was just blown out. 69. The party hears the faint sound of a commentator, narrating their actions to a crowd they cannot see or hear. 70. There are several other doors in this room, but the deafening sound of chains grinding together is heard as one door opens. 71. A boat has crashed into one of the walls. 72. Dead snakes dangle from the ceiling. (If your party has a phobia of snakes, then it's rats)
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2021.09.20 12:53 fahkardi 27M looking for goofy ass people to talk to [friendship]

I’m really just a sad old fart, boring and uneventful, I’m really into the finer things in life, like toast. Yes just toast. I’m also looking for love, but I don’t believe in destiny, although in 3rd grade I sat behind a girl named destiny. Okay honestly I’m just trying to say we can chat and vc also Send each other the most outrageous memes we saw all day. I’m not a robot
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2021.09.20 12:53 Vodkahangover H: JE plasma+ enitre asylum collection+1600 berry mentats+ 4k cover operations manual 3 W: heavy legacy offer

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2021.09.20 12:53 Evangeline-Hiroyama What is it like living in Notting Hill?

Hi, I thought I’ll just make a post about what is it like living in Notting Hill preferably near Portobello road. Thanks.
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Lood presents your combined content analytics. And allows you to accept debit card and/or pseudo anonymous payments from a list of supported adult cryptocurrencies. #LOOD #Cryptocurrency #NSFW #XXX #Cryptocurrencies #Blockchain https://lood.cash
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2021.09.20 12:53 Frequent_Drama_845 Which is the best Bhagavad Gita translation?

I am searching for best Bhagavad Gita translation in English. But many people are claiming the some translation have manipulation. Can you suggest a Bhagavad Gita in English without manipulation?
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2021.09.20 12:53 dracorapax Is this a mediterranean recluse spider? (Bologna, Italy - 09/20/21)

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2021.09.20 12:53 Tessia0710 Where to read Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine - Chapter 352: The Brothers (1) Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine online for free!!

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When requesting a day off do I put 8 hrs or 9 hrs of ppto. Do I have to consider lunch
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2021.09.20 12:52 danecek099 reMarkable 2 Wi-Fi connection problem

Anyone having problems connecting to spots to which you did connect before last update? I have a router at home to which I was connected the last 6 I own my reM2, but after the last update, it's stays stuck at 'Connecting' but never finishes. In the routers web UI, I can see it connected, but the tablet doesn't think so. I have no problem connection to my phone's hot-spot
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2021.09.20 12:52 T3m3rair3 [Lore] First Light

6th Month 131 AC, King’s Landing
The knock at the door made the boy jump a little, rapidly pulling him from his thoughts. Slowly, he looked around the room. It was a plain room, compared to others in Maegor’s holdfast, on a lower floor and with lower ceilings than those above. Perhaps quarters of one of the more important servants of the castle and it’s residents. The window was not large, but served well enough to light up the room, during the hours of daylight. The whitewash on the pale sandstone helped keep the room bright, amplifying what modest amount the Winter’s Day cared to give them. He didn’t get many guests.
“Come in” He told the back of the dark wood of the door. Other’s might have tried to make their escape, but the boy knew it was futile to try. If he managed to get around whoever was outside the door, he still had to find his way to the gate, get across the drawbridge without slipping and falling into the dry moat lined with iron spikes, then down the Serpentine Steps, through two courtyards that had numerous buildings facing them, and only then, only then would he have escaped into city of several tens of thousands of people who cared nothing for him, and would happily strip him of everything they could take.
A man opened the door. Tall, lean, with silver hair so pale it might have been white. Not unlike his own, truth be told. His skin, however, was like worn leather, and might have been the same colour too, were it not for his heritage and recent stay in the dungeons. It was Lord Corlys Velaryon. Not family, but as close as he could be without being so. He swallowed to moisten his throat, for he had no one to talk to. “My Lord.” He greeted, tone polite and mild.
The older man’s arms folded across his middle, though there was a stiffness to the movement. “The King is dead. Long live the King.” Aegon the Younger’s eyes dropped to the floor between the Velaryon’s feet briefly, then back to his face. “The King is dead, long live the King.” He replied, a little stiffly.
Lord Velaryon did not stay long, leaving Aegon once more with his thoughts. In light of the news, they could only be slanted towards one thing. He did not hate Aegon the Elder as his half brothers did. … Had. He did not like him, of course, for the war fought in his name had consumed both his mama and papa. Quite literally, in mama’s case, the memories of which were burned into his mind’s eye. So too the grimace on the face of the man responsible, the slight hunch over on his carried chair, the tiredness that you would not expect in a man of only twenty four years. He did not take joy in his death, nor sorrow. It seemed like it would be a relief to die; an end to the suffering.
It was not something that he could do himself. Someone had to survive. To give meaning to those that had died. For it to have been worth something. Something firm, enduring. There were no Targaryens left save from himself and his half sisters, and he did not know if Baela was safe. Either way, it seemed unlikely that the Lords of Westeros would accept a Queen any time soon. So he had to live.
Dinner was better than what it had been the past few weeks. A little more seasoning on the meat, thicker gravy, more butter on the vegetables. Not a lot, but enough to be noticed. Enough to make his stomach rumble. Sleep still came easily, though. It always did.
That meant little, though, for rarely was sleep a peaceful thing for him. Faces haunted his dreams. His family, naturally, but the Queensguard was often present. Lyonel Bentley, Harrold Darke and Loreth Lansdale in particular. Perhaps because they had been much more up close and personal than the others. Not that it mattered much. If it was not them, it was someone else, seemingly without end.
When he awoke the next morning, his sheets were a mess, and he was facing a wall rather than the ceiling.
The morning was unexceptional in it’s weather. Some sun, some cloud, a little breeze. They set off around mid morning, the Velaryon Lord, the Targaryen and two dozen men with seahorses on their breasts. Normally such an escort would be excessive, but there were standards to be maintained, and there were several thousand Rivermen waiting for them, arrayed before the Gate of the Gods.
Banners of red, white, blue and almost every colour besides, with fish, birds of prey and horses surmounting them. Row upon row, though they were largely mixed up together, rather than in blocks of each. Three men rode out from amongst them, whilst others clustered around where they left the host, both men and women. Boys, really. Older than him, but scarcely a man as his father had been. Less even than Aegon the elder. They did not ride alone, but with an even split between men in red & blue and red & black. There was no mistaking them for Targaryen men, in spite of the similar colours.
They carried themselves with confidence, but even so they seemed to stumble and stutter a little in the presence of the Sea Snake. He saved their face by telling them the same thing he had said to him but the night before. “The King is dead. Long live the King.” He watched their reactions intently. If they showed any surprise, they hid it well, though they couldn’t resist a glance in his direction. “The King is dead. Long live the King.” They replied, not quite as one. The horse of the one opposite him, the youngest of the three, fidgeted. “How?” He asked, after a short silence as the news was digested in its entirety. The reply was not long in forthcoming. “Poison.” The Sea Snake put it bluntly. The young man seemed to accept the answer, though he didn’t look overly comfortable with the news. The one at the front, the apparent leader, cleared his throat. “We shall have to tell everyone the news.” He told the Sea Snake and the boy. The Sea Snake waved his hand dismissively. Veteran of many campaigns, he knew what they needed to do. “You may enter the city this afternoon, parading through the city to the Red Keep. Most will parade back through the city to your encampment, but your guards will remain.” He explained firmly, but not unkindly. The trio could do ought but nod, and return to their men.
Soon enough they returned, in greater number. Aegon dismounted from his horse, and each of the Riverlords and their allies kneeled in turn and hailed him as their King. Boys whose fathers had died earlier in the war, old men whose sons had perished. At least one widow who swore on behalf of her son, even younger than Aegon himself. There was a mischievous gleam to her gaze, but other than that, he found the entire thing rather moving. These people had paid vast amounts of blood and sweat, on what had proven to be his behalf. He only hoped the peace made in his name would be worth it.
As they rode back to the gate, it was impossible not to hear the cheer that came up from the host beyond the walls.
In spite of the cold weather, people thronged the streets to see the Riverlanders march through the city. Swollen as the city was be refugees, even after all the troubles that had ailed it in recent years, the streets were thronged with smallfolk, with children taking to the rooftops so that they might have a better view of the Rivermen as they snaked their way through the city towards Aegon’s High Hill and the fortress that sat atop it. Cheers followed them where they went, so even the people waiting in the Red Keep could hear the approach.
Some of them paced nervously. More talked in hushed voices with those around them. The five White Cloaks stood at even intervals at the foot of the dias, still as statues. The failure of all but one of their number, who had been out of the city at the time, was laid out behind them. It was almost unnatural, at least to Aegon’s mind to see Aegon the Elder looking so peaceful. More natural was his mother weeping silently beside him. Silent, dignified, but weeping all the same, with all that that entailed. Aegon himself stood behind and above them all, at the foot of the Iron Throne.
Hush fell over the room as the cheers reached a crescendo, and the traipsing of booted feet got closer. Last minute adjustments to attire were made, for those that felt that they needed it, mostly amongst the sundry lesser lords and household knights in throngs on either side of a central aisle. Those further in were all well practiced at such things.
Tip of the spear were the same three as earlier that day, only now Aegon knew their names. Lord Kermit Tully of Riverrun, with his brother Ser Oscar at his right hand, and young Lord Benjicot Blackwood at his left. More faces from earlier filled the doorway behind them; Lord Hugo Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest, Lady Sabitha Frey, Alysanne Blackwood, and more besides. He could almost hear the whispers of the Clubfoot telling him who was whom, though he knew he couldn’t be, for the Clubfoot was a couple of steps lower down, and off to his left besides, watching the newcomers with a mixture of curiosity and greed. A Lord of the Riverlands he may have been, but he was a stranger to them and they to him, having spent the better part of the past twenty five years in the city. If he were a lesser man, it might have been amusing.
As the Riverlings approached the foot of the dias, Grand Maester Orwyle stepped forward. This time his voice and bladder held. “Welcome, my Lords, to King’s Landing.” Perhaps it was easier for him, waxing lyrical rather than arguing with a woman well practiced in such things. “Hail to you, victors of the Battle of the King’s Road, who deliver us from the years of bloodshed, foolishness and scarcity.” The rumbling that came from Riverlings seemed to be appreciative.
All their gazes turned up to him. He gulped. “Peace.” He raised his left arm to gesture to the Rivermen in the centre of the room. “Thanks to you, peace is at hand.” A slight exaggeration, but one that could be forgiven. “Tonight, let us feast, and look forward to the years of peace ahead.” They cheered that, Riverling or otherwise. A sideways glance at the Sea Snake, standing to his right, was met with a nod, much to his relief.
To that ovation, he climbed the steps of the Iron Throne. He sat down carefully, the throne being made for a bigger person than he, not to mention that it was bad luck to spill blood on the Iron Throne. To the continuing cheers, he looked out across the room, and thought of the brave new world to come.
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2021.09.20 12:52 Tessia0710 Where to read Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari - Chapter 75: Gathering information at the town online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:52 MomoBawk When you look in the mirror, what's the first thing you notice about yourself?

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2021.09.20 12:52 BEERSMATE98 Your country and culture chooses your religion not you…

Should i explain this any futher ? If you are born in arabia you are most likely a muslim.
But if you are born in America for example, you are most likely a christian.
How lucky is that !
You were born into the right religion and wont be burning in hell
While the other 60% of the world will probably suffer an eternity just cause they were born somewhere else
And the “good people will research the truth and find it” argument really doesnt hold up
Im 99% sure almost no one ever looks at other holy books and finds them convincing
“Sorry your guy is the son of god and came from the dead ?”
“Wait so you are telling me that all this thunder is caused by a fat blonde with a hammer?”
Its all the same
If you are not recruited to your cultures religion at an early age, you are most likely a non-believer.
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2021.09.20 12:52 xSN222 Batman, fan art by me

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