TIG Alu welding | Where to get argon in the Netherlands

2021.09.20 12:11 bananaofakind TIG Alu welding | Where to get argon in the Netherlands

Hi Guys,
I need to weld aluminium hence started to look into learning aluminium TIG welding.
I can get the welder easily, but not the gas. Started to look at the second-hand market, and it's quite empty and a bit unclear - 10L 20L or 30L with gas, or refill. What are the actual costs and what's the most cost-effective way to start?
Would really appreciate a small Argon guide from a fellow who also lives in the Netherlands (AMS).
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2021.09.20 12:11 MohSilas I quit my job thinking that it’ll make the management realize how shitty working in a Mars colony is

But staring at this new employee who looks exactly like me made me think otherwise
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2021.09.20 12:11 Tessia0710 Where to read The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 428 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:11 su-reddit Sacked from Work, What are my Rights?

I was working for a UK Firm and was finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the amount of backlash from the customers, work was impacting my mental health greatly, I Requested a fit note to look after my mental health and as a result was signed off for two weeks.
I have returned today and following the return to work interview was dismissed from my role, this was on the grounds that they could not make reasonable adjustments for my mental health. (I requested that they give me more support) to prevent me from getting so stressed and anxious, they also stated that I hadn't hit their expectations in regards to the role
Do I have any rights here? I am an agency worker and have been working in the role for just under a month.
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2021.09.20 12:11 Gemmasprink275 Add my only fans for some fun 😈🥵

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2021.09.20 12:11 treevant Is there a place that tells you where to find certain items?

I'm trying to find the locket of magic missile mastery and the twin serpents quarterstaff but I can't find anything that tells me where they are "also any other advice on how to boost my magic missile damage or things that can help them would be appreciated it im I'm nearing the end of act 3"
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2021.09.20 12:11 Golom4nn Forms to fill html masks?

We are currently working on a website and all the technical stuff is done for us, but we are getting closer to launching and giving the customers the oportunity to fill their own sites. Most of the stuff is quite easy, but for the contact forms etc we already have html masks but telling every customer to fill in at a certain spot in the html text would be too much. Is there any tool, that automatically fills in those gaps in the html text?
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2021.09.20 12:11 octopusofoctober Do you think Taiyo will ever adopt the Yozakura name?

The other two did it so it might be a possibility but there's also a thought at the back of my mind that maybe "Asano" is just the last remaining proof that his parents and brother existed. "Taiyo Yozakura" still sounds badass tho just saying.
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2021.09.20 12:11 38813 Why did you quit your last job? Where did you end up afterwards?

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2021.09.20 12:11 FriendlyTennis I found out that one of my great-grandmothers was in fact Ukrainian.

Yesterday my paternal grandfather and I were talking about our family's history because he has been doing research for many years now and he revealed to me that he found out that his mother was in fact Ukrainian. He found out a couple of months ago thanks to the birth records of his mother which he found thanks to archives in both Poland and Ukraine; almost 20 years after her death.
He then gave me an explanation as to why she was never open about it and I guess it made sense to me. My great-grandfather was born in what is today Lviv but back then was Lwów while my great-grandmother was born in a village further east. My great-grandfather was a Polish aristocrat and military officer although he was too young to see action during the wars of the 1910s and left the military in 1938 (very very lucky for us.) My great-grandmother was a Ukrainian Roman (Latin) Catholic and a native Polish speaker so her ethnic background was most likely not an issue before the war. Her relatives were a mixture of Polish, Ukrainian, and even Russian speakers and she personally knew Ukrainian and Russian at a conversational level. Most of her relatives were Eastern Catholics (Ukraine Greek) and it's unknown why she was baptized a Roman Catholic despite not being an ethnic Pole. My grandfather concluded that it's simply a family mystery and there's no way of finding out for sure.
WWII is what made the situation for her and everyone complicated. My great-grandparents lost two children during WWII because of bombing campaigns (their only surviving son was my grandfather, born in 1945.) Then after the Germans were finally forced out of Lwów they found themselves in the conflicts involving the UPA, AK, and Red Army which was even more personal because of my great-grandmother's ethnicity. So once their third son was born they made the choice of joining other Poles that fled to the new western territories of Poland (although it wasn't much of a choice given my great-grandfather's background.) However, her Ukrainian-speaking family stayed behind and her relatives continue to live in and around Lviv today.
It's unknown why my great-grandmother never talked about her ethnic background but I guess the trauma of WWII made it a taboo subject up until her death. Given her Polish soundingmaidan name, religion, and language it wasn't even something that needed to be brought up.
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2021.09.20 12:11 papa_fritas_ Fan-art by me

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2021.09.20 12:11 Tessia0710 Where to read The Wizard World - Chapter 528: Reunion (1) online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:11 Best_Bing_Bong Officer Dienhammer noticed my car was parked for 8 hours in Ely, Minnesota

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2021.09.20 12:11 dumbdumbdumss What was hyped up to change everything in the 2010s century?

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2021.09.20 12:11 671DON671 How do you rule whether a roll is taken at disadvantage or hard/extreme or both together or just impossible?

Got me thinking after a player said they wanted to use slight of hand to steal a policeman’s gun. They didn’t give any particular reasoning as to how they’d do it only they go up and take it so as this policeman was talking to another and in a room that was well lit and with plenty of people around I just said their character would understand it would be impossible. I’m new to this so I don’t really know if that’s the right call?
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2021.09.20 12:11 Aura_Master How do I log in

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2021.09.20 12:11 SenpaiUnicorn69 How to get into this Game?

I've tried to get into this Game like three times since sseth reviewed It. My biggest problem with It aside from all the weird basement-dwelling furry ERP is the unholy learning curve this had. I've programmed on enviroments less complex than this shiet. On top of that eaxh server plays different and there is a lack of YouTube content to educate myself. Also its really hard top get someone to teach you since they have to ruin almost an entire round for themselves explaining my dumbass the basics of one(1) of the Jobs. Nevermind the Game in general or god help me "getting that robust Gameplay". Also dont really know Who to ask without breaking most server roleplay rules. BIG rant, anyways any tips?
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2021.09.20 12:11 JDM1905 Ea trial pre order / ultimate edition items

Does anyone know if we will receive our pre order and ultimate edition bonuses on Wednesday when we load the 10 hour trial? I can't remember from previous years if we did or not
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2021.09.20 12:11 marieesoko Best of luck, bud.

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2021.09.20 12:11 crashdaddy yay you, go fight win, (yawn) sleepy

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2021.09.20 12:11 RNLittleRabbitInLove 東京都で新たに302人が感染 500人切るのは2カ月半ぶり

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2021.09.20 12:11 Hexalt_ Can't resub with Prime, option isn't even displayed

I've been wanting to resub with my Prime but Twitch doesn't display the option for the free sub, and my subscriptions in my settings show that the one from last month clearly ended. And if, on this page, I click "resub", it only gives me the option to pay and I can't use the free sub that comes with Prime.
I will add that my Prime on amazon is on an annual plan and I am still in the 90-day trial, so maybe that has something to do with it.
Does anyone know if this is a glitch or something else then?
Thank you
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2021.09.20 12:11 oldwhitelincoln Curtis Lee - Pretty Little Angel Eyes

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2021.09.20 12:11 Bigjako03 H: insurgent hat plan(2), vault 76 rug plan, scorched tube plan, cave cricket tube plan, circus cage trailer plan W: cap offers or trades for other mole miner plans

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2021.09.20 12:11 Tessia0710 Where to read Cultivation Chat Group - Chapter 1655 - Ah! You wanna die?! online for free!!

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